Moving to the US from Canada - Model 3

Moving to the US from Canada - Model 3

Apologies if this is a duplicate post:
I’m currently a model 3 owner in Canada (ordered my model3 in Canada). Planning to move to the US for work.

Just wondering how difficult of process is it to bring a Tesla model 3 down to the US?

Additionally does Tesla honor the existing warranty if I move my car to the US?

black_w34 | 3 November 2019

It will be quite difficult and also it will be expensive. I know one excellent transportation company that deals with the transportation of vehicles. I used their services for two years, when I sold cheap cars from Germany several times more expensive and they helped me deliver cars from Germany to the United States. By the way, recently, the loaders from helped me transport all my things to my new home. I was surprised that they did it very quickly and did not break anything. So if you want your car to be in safe hands and reach the destination intact, then contact them.

vmulla | 3 November 2019

Did you take delivery of the car from Tesla already?

bjrosen | 3 November 2019

I'd call Tesla and ask. I doubt that the import process from Canada is at all equivalent to the import process from Germany. The EU and the US have very different regulations, I suspect that the Canadian and US regulations don't differ in any significant way. I doubt that the Canadian Model 3 differs from the US version at all except for Canada's daylight headlight rule which isn't a problem in the US, it's a don't care here, you see some cars here with daylight headlights.

FISHEV | 3 November 2019

I tried to buy a Kona EV in Canada but the dealership in Vancouver, BC said it was not worth it. As I remember it had to with certifying the car for US highways not the transport so much, heck you can drive it to your new home.

There should some export companies that can give you all the details.

Worst case, sell it in CDN and get a new on in US.

Can you just keep it registered in CDN?

kevin_rf | 3 November 2019

I've always found the US not following Canada's lead on the headlight rule to be a head scratcher. It does reduce accident rates in poor lighting conditions and saves lives.

bjrosen | 4 November 2019

I do not know if the rule is still in effect but it was the case that an individual could import a used car with many fewer restrictions than a used car. It was a common practice for people to pick up a new car in Germany at the factory and then drive it around on a European vacation and then bring it back to the US. Because the car had been used it wasn't subject to the same restrictions. Emission rules still apply, after the fall of Communism some museums wanted to import some Trabants for their collects but the DOT said NFW because they are so filthy. Of course emmision aren't an issue for a Tesla.

Scrannel | 4 November 2019

Sure, I picked up a Porsche once in Germany and brought it home -- but it was a US spec car that would have been exported anyway. You need to check with Tesla. Since daylight headlights are OK here, I can't think of any other differences. But, I once wanted to import a BMW K1300R motorcycle from Canada, which was 100% US spec. But, since that model was no longer imported to the US, I had to get a letter from BMW NA saying it was US compatible. They would not write that letter. With a US/Canada spec and current model, I can't imagine that would be an issue. But... you need to ask Tesla.

Bighorn | 4 November 2019

One reason Canada wouldn't import US models was because of a seatbelt law, forget what, but that shouldn't affect the reciprocal process.

M3phan | 5 November 2019

Our family moved to the US from Canada in 1986 and at that time we just drove our car across the border and got new registration and plates in our new home state. No sweat.