Tesla break ins

Tesla break ins

Our brand new Tesla was broken into last night. This was parked in a well lit area in the nob hill complex on the corner of Lawrence and Monroe in Santa Clara. They broke the left passenger small window first and then they broke the right passenger window completely. There was anything valuable. The complex people later said it’s a pattern there and last week 3 Tesla’s were broken into one evening. Wish we could get some info from one of the cams that the Model 3 has. Any clues? Thanks.

jordanrichard | 31 December 2018

Break ins happen to any make of car and with the high number of Teslas in CA, there will be a higher number of Tesla break ins. | 31 December 2018

Vehicle breakins (all makes) have skyrocketed in CA this year. Law changed at the beginning of the year that does not allow police to give chase to thieves. Once the thieves figured this out, it has become the easiest crime to commit and make a clean getaway.

While not a great solution, Tesla is offering an intrusion alarm option (S and X only right now), that may deter thieves a bit, but alarms don't seem to bother them all that much. It is critical that nothing of value appears visible in the car (that's really asking for it), but many breakins still occur looking in the trunk and other areas.

Consider also where you park. Those locations with quick access to the freeway or expressway are more prone to breakins.

Suggestions of lexan instead of glass for the small windows, would just move thieves to break the hatch glass instead. Also lexan is not likely allowed due to federal regulations.

I haven't had a break in yet, but worry it will happen. Taking all the precautions I can (and ordered the alarm).

wisam.alrawi | 1 January 2019


I had to go check what you said about the law change regarding chasing thieves in California. As a California resident this matters to me. Just read about proposition 47.
I can't believe what I'm reading!! This is a free pass for thieves!

I used to live in Dubai. If someone steals something they will pursue it to the end and make sure the criminal receives a proper punishment. This is how you deter people from stealing, aside from returning valuables to their rightful owner. That law encourages thieves to steal.

Maybe a republican run California is the solution to the nonsense regulations in this state.

Yodrak. | 1 January 2019

Leave the rear 'package shelf' folded up, or remove it completely, so that thieves can see that there's nothing in the trunk without having to break the rear quarter window and pull the seat back down. And if you have to (REALLY have to) leave something in the car put it in the front trunk if it will fit there.

thranx | 6 January 2019

Of course, in Dubai there is no place for thieves to run to. Saudi? Terrible punishment if caught. Bahrain? Unlikely to get in. Oman? Too much open space between the border and Dubai.

Maybe jump on a speedboat to Kish....

kcheng | 6 January 2019

Maybe we should leave the doors unlocked, so that thieves can open it to see that there's nothing inside! Of course, activate PIN to drive. Anyway, while I'm just joking, there's got to be a better way than having to wake to a broken window. | 6 January 2019

@kcheng - I think someone recently tried that (might not have been a Tesla), and they broke the window anyway. Didn't even bother to check if the car was unlocked! Thieves are usually not all that smart. Now if you roll all the windows down, it might work.

Yodrak. | 6 January 2019

"Maybe we should leave the doors unlocked"

How is a "not all that smart" thief to know that the doors of a Tesla are unlocked? There's no door-lock 'lift pin' (or whatever it's called) to indicate whether the door is locked (is it up or down). The handles will be retracted, making the doors appear locked unless the thief knows enough to try pushing them.

NoMoPetrol | 6 January 2019

@wisam.alwari "...Maybe a republican run California is the solution to the nonsense regulations in this state."

First you'd have to find the Republican Party in California. As of the last midterm election they seem to be MIA.

kcheng | 6 January 2019

How, leave a sign on the little quarter panel window! ;)

Leaving the windows down, won't work all that well if you live in a rainy area.

Maybe we can get Elon to wire the little quarter panel window, so that if you break it and reach in to pull the seatback latch, you get zapped by the HV battery.

Yodrak. | 7 January 2019

"leave a sign on the little quarter panel window!"

Might be worth a try. I still prefer to leave my package shelf folded up, giving an expansive view of the empty trunk.

rikkirose22 | 2 March 2019

Hi guys! I'm going to the Emirates in spring, and I want to know if there is an opportunity to rent a Tesla? If so, where can this be done?

jonhgaarg | 2 March 2019

Does anyone know where you can rent Tesla in Dubai? Very urgent !!!!

Bloob | 3 March 2019

Years ago, I had one of those pull-out radios in my car; the kind you can remove and take with you, instead of leaving it in the dash for someone to break in and steal.

Someone broke in and stole the mounting bracket. | 3 March 2019

@Bloob - Best laugh of the day (although sad too)!

Seanderson | 3 March 2019

If you don't want to use the sentry mode in specific areas/neighborhoods, use the DOG MODE-- especially at night. It's bright and car thugs really think twice about beaking into a car if they think a dog's in their-- even if they don't see it!

blue adept | 5 March 2019


Those bastards!

Reminds me of a similar experience I had with a bike of mine...Got a lock and cable to lock it up with whenever I'm out and about and not in an area I'm familiar with and someone stole the bike anyway, leaving only the lock and cable in its place.

So after I got another bike I figured I'd get one of those fancy, top-of-the-line bar lock things and used it to lock up my bike and this time they took the lock and left the bike!

I don't even try and just let my bike sit there w/o a lock. Thing is, now I don't know whether to be offended because no one thinks my bike is worthy of 'lifting', or happy to have learned some sort of lesson out of all of this, i.e., if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen and there's nothing you can do about it...?!?

But I'd still drop a mf'er if I caught them trying to break into my car! (insert angry eyed emoji here)