Tesla Powerwall Installation completed in San Diego

Tesla Powerwall Installation completed in San Diego

Placed reservation for two Powerwalls in October 2017, they were installed last Thursday/Friday. Both system and owner are now in learning mode, but we ran our first 5 hour evening at rate peak Sunday evening. Was cloudy and rainy over the weekend so got partial charges both days.

Yesterday and today were bright and sunny so we got up to 97% charge today and are running our first 4 PM to midnight off the grid. How cool!

So far very pleased with the installation, quality of the system, excellent monitoring in the app, and overall this looks like it’s going do significantly reduce our use of the grid, especially at peak rates, and ensure continuity of our power supply.

It took patience to get but so far looks great.

Between my Model X and the Powerwalls I really feel like we’ve stepped into the future.

sschaem | 9 January 2019

How did you get the right to operate them so quick ?

Mine where installed in late 2018 and was told I had no right to use them until April 2019.

I also have a brand new model X... and this one is going to the shop (non functional EAP, door lock non operating, ..)

So no future for me, it just feel like I have been dragged into Elon "Tesla Hell".

For paying Tesla a quarter million I also expected better service along the way.

george | 9 January 2019

I’m not sure why you were prevented from using them. Mine were operational when the installers left, at least for full backup. I got Advanced Time Based Control in the app about two days later. City of San Diego inspectors met Tesla rep on Tuesday and passed the complete installation with no issues. So we are fully operational effectively immediately. What state is your home in? I wonder if you have different regulations?

Regarding Model X, I got mine in August 2016, and initial quality was good except for wind noise at drivers door front quarter window. Took it in and they immediately knew what to do to fix it. Service has been good up to this last summer. We have a top window on the drivers side Falcon wing that needs replacement due to issue with the bonded rubber seal. Service initially said they fixed it but the day after I got it back I noticed they hadn’t. I had to take photos and send to them to prove they hadn’t repaired it. They assigned it to mobile service and I am now waiting 5 months to get the replacement. Something seems to have gone south on quality of service, rather disappointing

drdrumaff | 30 January 2019

@sschaem WHy you have waited so long. You can just get them in use soon asfter installation. Don't u think that April 2019 is a long wait? Even Elon can't stop this. HAHA Just kidding.
Josh from

jeff.enderwick | 1 March 2019

Can anyone recommend a Tesla Certified Installer? The Tesla web site says that Tesla Certified Installers have availability for steps 3/4/5, while Tesla itself is fully backlogged.

wa6tyq | 11 March 2019

George - would you be willing to speak directly with my about your experience with your Powerwall system? Seeking to validate it performs as advertised.

wa6tyq | 11 March 2019

If so, you can reach me at

brooksventers | 21 May 2019

Jeff, SunPower by Stellar Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, and they've been installing solar / battery storage for over 20 years in San Diego. They've got amazing reviews across the board:

You can find them here:

jagag9 | 18 September 2019
jagag9 | 18 September 2019
sbeggs | 18 September 2019

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elizabethbrown2240 | 18 September 2019

Do thermostats run on this powerwall? Is this electricity providing wall?

grich4u | 11 October 2019

Maybe I need to start a trend but thought I would ask here first. Does anybody know the in's and out's of installing 3 powerwalls? Im getting mixed messages. Ive been told SDG&E requires a 2nd meter, and others telling me SDGE would need to install a new main service panel to handle the meter. IT would then become a commercial grade meter. New Trenching, New wires. One saying it will cost about $2k and another $10K. Big difference. Anybody with experience with this please chime in. Thanks

gregbrew | 11 October 2019

Call SDG&E? Seems like they would know their policies best...

droidkaran | 15 October 2019

Indeed that Powerwall Installation and setup takes longer than expected, but one of my friend has opt for this.

Now he is stunned by the electricity bill, which comes around just 10% of bill previous months.


arygeotv | 31 December 2019

Is this electricity providing a wall?

sbeggs | 1 January 2020

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jb.bhavya92 | 30 March 2020

@drdrumaff You are right It's a long wait.

Josh from