Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Timeline for me:
Jan 2 - send application to DMV
Jan 9 - DMV cashed the $22 check
Jan 15 - Received stickers in the mail (they are quite bright purple...I trimmed most of the white border off before applying!)

If you get yours, post your timeline for others to see.

Alameda EV Guy | 9 February 2019

I should have been more patient on sending in 2nd application.

12/31 applied, check cashed 2/8...but my credit union didn’t show it til today, 2/9.

Thank you to whoever told us about USPS informed delivery...I see I have a nice big delivery envelope from DMV arriving today.

...just hope they’re purple and not red ;)

eric | 9 February 2019

Final update/correction:

SF Bay Area
Mailed 1/2
Check cashed 2/7
Purple HOV stickers received 2/8


sunil100 | 9 February 2019

And final for me

Mailed 1/1
Checked cashed 2/8
Received sticker today 2/9 (and yes, it is purple)

Almost looking forward to Monday !

tcandmm | 10 February 2019

Mailed 1/7, check not cashed and still waiting and hoping...

RES IPSA | 11 February 2019


RES IPSA | 11 February 2019


Adios Ami-GAS | 11 February 2019

Mailed check 12/31. Still not cashed yet.

I’m located in SoCal.

rxlawdude | 11 February 2019

@lansingc, patience, grasshopper. I did the same thing with our M3 (got serialized plates while waiting for custom plates), and the decal certificate had the original serial plate. This was in early 2018, so I got white decals.

Since the VIN is also listed on the certificate, I never bothered to update DMV with the custom plate, and when they sent the notice of red sticker availability, the new custom plate was prepopulated on the application.

George with SacEV | 12 February 2019

Check sent on 1/2/2019 ...still NOT CASHED!!! DMV is hopeless in this state.

Adios Ami-GAS | 12 February 2019

Update: checked cashed today. Hopefully I find a nice surprise in my mail over the next couple of days.

lumberjack | 12 February 2019

@Adios Ami-GAS: I too mailed on 12/31. The check was cleared by the bank just an hour ago.
@George with SacEV: So you have hope :-)

sroh | 12 February 2019

Check sent on 1/2.
Check cashed 2/8.
Decals received 2/9.

Ugh, the lavender stickers on a red Model 3 is fugly!

DonaldDuck | 12 February 2019

Mailed on 1/3 .... check not cashed, I'm in So Cal. What is going on??!!

4barkie | 12 February 2019

FWIW I talked to the special processing unit today and they said they were 1 month behind on the processing. Not sure I am believing that but they told me to give it another 2 weeks and if I still didn't have it to call back

1/2 mailed app
Check not cashed as of today
According to the individual I spoke with today it was not being processed yet

kessler | 12 February 2019

Mailed in 1/2, check cashed 2/11, still waiting

loiboi8 | 13 February 2019

Check sent 1/4
DMV woke up from nap and cashed my check on 2/12
Decals should be on the way soon

loiboi8 | 13 February 2019

Check sent 1/2
DMV woke up from nap and cashed my check on 2/12
Decals should be on the way soon

dcup33d | 13 February 2019


1/2 - application and check sent
2/12 - check cashed

Hopefully the decals will come within days.

bb | 13 February 2019


1/2 - application sent to DMV
2/11 - check cashed
2/13 - stickers arrived!!!

jyipp | 13 February 2019

1/2 application sent
2/8 check cashed
2/13 - just arrived

patrick40363 | 13 February 2019

Mailed 1-2 received today.

mandeeprandhawa85 | 13 February 2019

I sent my application on Jan 2nd, Check still not cashed, so i called DMV today and they said they are processing application and it takes 6 weeks for processing.

dgstan | 13 February 2019

Check sent 01/02/2019
Finally cashed yesterday.

Can't wait to put those purple beauties on my Pearl White!

Eazyndn | 13 February 2019

Application mailed 1/2/2019
Check cashed 2/08
Purple decals received 2/13.

Flanmansd | 14 February 2019

Starting to rock and roll now... A lot of 01/02/2019 applications getting processed... ;-)

Kinda like the day one reservation holders. Once we get past them then the rest of us can have hope.

rk242 | 14 February 2019

Mailed Jan 2
Cashed Feb 14

RichardKJ | 14 February 2019

Mailed 1/1
Cashed 2/14

dcup33d | 14 February 2019

Update #2

1/2 - check and app mailed
2/12 - check cashed
2/14 - PURPLE stickers arrived.

Pete_in_OC | 14 February 2019

Mailed 1/15, check not cashed yet.

tcandmm | 14 February 2019

So Cal, sadly app mailed on 1/7 and check not yet cashed and no stickers...

TslaM3Kr | 15 February 2019

Mailed my application: 1/2
Check Cashed: 2/11
HOV Stickers sent: 2/11 (based on USPS stamp on envelope)
HOV Stickers received: 2/14

Stickers applied on PPF then to the car.

FirstDoyle | 15 February 2019

Southern California (North County San Diego) area:

Check mailed: 2-Jan-19
Check cashed: 14-Feb-19

Hoping to receive the stickers in the mail next week sometime...

Adios Ami-GAS | 15 February 2019

Final update.

Mailed 12/31
Check cashed 2/12
Stickers received 2/14! Stickers applied on PPF then to the car last night.

Good luck to all who are waiting!

gcklo | 15 February 2019

Sent in the application on 1/3 and check finally cashed today.

chris.pribe | 15 February 2019

Sent 1/5 as I recall, got stickers a couple days ago.

Rbnaidu | 15 February 2019

Anyone from 1/2 waiting on their stickers? My check has not been cashed yet so I am suspecting USPS has lost my mail. Time to re apply amd wait 6 more weeks I guess.

DonaldDuck | 15 February 2019

I am still waiting.
Mailed on 1/3
So Cal

SoCalGreenTKH | 15 February 2019

The frustrating part is that the DMV knew the demand and failed to prepare and you have no way of tracking progress. You wonder what their performance metrics are - who am I kidding... mailed 1/2 with USPS priority tracking, I know they received it 1/6 - still waiting ... what a joke!

mike | 15 February 2019

Mailed 12/31
Check cashed 1/31
Received 2/8

eztider | 16 February 2019

Mailed 1/3
Check cashed 2/8
Arrived postmarked 2/11

Swim77 | 16 February 2019

None Tesla owner here, but wanted to see what you folks thought about my experience buying a Leaf.

I purchased a Leaf on Dec. 2018 and waited until Jan. 2019 like most of you to apply for the purple stickers. Before signing the papers though, I told the salesman I plan on waiting until the new year to apply for the purple stickers and he said his dealership will not apply on my behalf because I guess some dealerships do that for their customers. On 2/5/19, someone from the dealership leaves me a message asking when I'd like to pick up my stickers. At this point, I'm a bit confused on why my stickers were sent to the dealership, but still feeling a bit excited at the same time. I call back and they tell me the stickers for my car have been there since 2018 and was curious why I didn't take them with me when I purchased the Leaf. The person I spoke with was not part of the sales team. Long story short, the salesman didn't disclose to me that my Leaf had already been issued the red stickers on 11/1/18, more than a month before I purchased the car. The Sales Mananger claims they don't have to disclose that info to their customers and that they will not do anything for me because the car itself is fine.

I want to take legal actions, but a lawyer I spoke with says this is going to be a tough case to prove because I don't have it in writing that the car has not been issued any HOV stickers or any mention of the stickers as part of an agreement on the contract. Plus, not many lawyers are going to want this case.

I'm leaving reviews where I can and contacted Nissan USA, but other than that I've moved on because this could easily consume my days for a very long time.

Dealership is Stadium Nissan in Orange, CA. Shady bastards, aren't they?

lunde | 16 February 2019

@Swim77 Before spending money on a lawyer, I suggest that you first call the DMV at 916-657-8035, explain the situation, then request to exchange the Red HOV stickers for the Purple ones. You will need to wait until Tuesday due to the holiday on Monday.

I did some searching, and it seems that dealerships are allowed to order HOV stickers prior to selling a vehicle. For most, this would be a service, but during a transition period, such as from the Red to Purple HOV stickers, it's a disservice.

ffrr | 16 February 2019

mailed in 1/2/19, still check not cashed. Should I send another application?

OrhanBlue | 16 February 2019

Mailed 1/3/19 and check cashed 2/13/19. I’m in San Diego, CA. No purple decals yet but I’m checking my mail hopeful every day.

Swim77 | 16 February 2019

@lunde - Thanks for the tip! I have some hope once again.

George with SacEV | 17 February 2019

Mailed 1/2
Check still NOT CASHED !!!!!!!

rxlawdude | 17 February 2019

@Swim77, this is one of those mysteries: why can a Toyota or Nissan stealership order stickers while Tesla cannot/does not?

There was a time when DMV put a stop to dealers pre-ordering stickers. But apparently the Force is strong with the dealer lobby...

dgstan | 17 February 2019

I imagine dealers are able to order stickers if the vehicle is in their possession. Lord knows how long those Leafs (Leaves?) and Bolts sit around on the lot before some misguided soul wanders in and lets the salesman talk them into buying one instead of a Model 3?

ngadhia | 19 February 2019

Mailed application and check on Jan 22nd 2019. Checked not cashed yet. So probably long wait.

Keep the thread alive.

kennethpyoung | 19 February 2019

01/04/19 - Sent Checks from Dublin, CA
02/08/19 - checks cashed
02/15/19 - stickers received in Dublin, CA
02/16/19 - stickers for GF received in Fairfield, CA

02/17/19 - installed. so ugly. LOL