Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Timeline for me:
Jan 2 - send application to DMV
Jan 9 - DMV cashed the $22 check
Jan 15 - Received stickers in the mail (they are quite bright purple...I trimmed most of the white border off before applying!)

If you get yours, post your timeline for others to see.

dgstan | 28 February 2019

So, I called back today. The wait time was "only" 31 minutes, so I decided to hold. AFTER you stay on the line for a while, they then give you the option for a callback. Why the hell don't they give you that upfront?

Anyway, they did call me back and said it can take 30 days from the time they cashed the check to them actually mailing the stickers out. I was told that if by March 8th, I hadn't gotten the stickers, I would have to reapply.

I got home from work and the stickers had arrived.

hpn | 1 March 2019

Time Line for me...
Jan 5 - send application to DMV
check was cashed today 02/22/2019

Received the Barney stickers last night. 2/28/2019

krashuofa | 1 March 2019

Bay Area
App and Check mailed 1/3
Check cashed 2/13
Stickers received 2/28 (2/26 postmark)

I trimmed the white border off the stickers and applied to black car. Doesn’t look as bad as I expected.

RGRG | 1 March 2019

1/3 app & payment mailed from bay area
2/14 check cleared bank
3/1 stickers received

ps101 | 1 March 2019

Bay Area
My time line:
Sent on Jan 07
Check cashed: Feb 22
Sticker received: Feb 28

emccullo | 1 March 2019

Bay Area
Sent 1/6
Clean Air Vehicle decal certificate issued 2/13
Checked cashed 2/16
Check posted 2/21
Postage 2/26
Received 3/1

EAPme | 1 March 2019

Sent 1/2
cashed 2/20
Received 2/28

I wish I was colorblind.

zheng94402 | 1 March 2019

Bay Areas
Sent 1/8
Check cashed 3/1

What does the package look like? It is a big envelope?

DonaldDuck | 1 March 2019

Final update:
Orange county (2 applications for different cars)
1/3 both app mailed
2/20 both check cashed
3/1 both decal received

Fugly .... sigh

surfpearl | 4 March 2019

1/7 mailed check
2/26 check cleared
3/2 received decals

Arktctr | 4 March 2019

+1 for installing after trimming the wide white border off the sticker. While I wouldn't have chosen this color installed on a blue car they don't stand out as badly as perhaps the white/red would have.

JayM | 4 March 2019

Leaving the Waiting Room:
Mailed 1/2 (SoCal)
Check cashed 2/20 (noticed 2/21)
Stickers Arrived 2/28-2/29 (Postmarked 2/26)

Going to try a [Prot Film][Velcro hairy][Vecro hook][Prot Film][Sticker] sandwich.
Got some Scotchguard Pro Film and black Velcro "Extreme outdoor".

The_Flash | 4 March 2019

I have seen some TM3s with the purple stickers now.
Yuck. Those things are hideous. Ugly...
I got lucky I got Red stickers on Red TM3.

JayM | 4 March 2019

zheng94402: The letter is pretty small as the sticker sheet is folded to 8.5"x5.5".
The sticker themselves are Big: 7"x3.5" and Small:5"x2.5".

htchen | 4 March 2019


LA County
Check mailed 1/4
Check cashed 2/11
Stickers received 3/1 (processed 2/6, postmarked 2/26)

Tesla_Dad | 4 March 2019

Bay Area
Check mailed 1/11
Check cashed 3/4

Tesla_Dad | 5 March 2019

Correction: mailed 1/11, cashed 2/27, posted 3/4.

Glak | 5 March 2019

Mailed 1/2
Check cashed 2/21
Still no stickers.. reapply?

Flanmansd | 5 March 2019


San Diego
Check mailed: 01/08
Check cashed: 02/27
Stickers received: 03/04

CST | 5 March 2019

It is nearly criminal how inefficient the DMV has been processing these. Someone is definitely sitting around filing their nails, rather than doing their work. 10,000 of these could be processed in a few days by a few motivated workers.

CST | 5 March 2019

It is nearly criminal how inefficient the DMV has been processing these. Someone is definitely sitting around filing their nails, rather than doing their work. 10,000 of these could be processed in a few days by a few motivated workers.

Arktctr | 5 March 2019

Picture of new purple stickers (with white trimmed) installed on a blue Model 3:

Flanmansd | 5 March 2019

Speaking of trimming the white which I had intended on doing. Co-workers are telling me these stickers are machine scanned while driving in the HOV lanes (if equipped with scanners). Can anyone affirm this? If so, wondering if the white border is necessary for the scan equip to get a good visual of the sticker.?. Not sure this is answerable here, just throwing it out there...

surfpearl | 5 March 2019

@Glak - I wouldn't worry yet, they're swamped. Your check was cashed, so that's a good sign, you should be receiving the decals sometime this month. If the patience runs out, though, you can call DMV to check on the status.

Matinski | 5 March 2019

01/10/19 - Mailed check
02/28/19 - Check cashed

Expecting the stickers next week. Seems like most folks received their stickers about 10 days after their check was cashed.

ENVUSM3 | 5 March 2019

@JayM instead of Velcro apply the stickers to 60 mil. magnetic sheet and apply to M3 magnetically. One magnet should go on the right rear fender just above the bumper and the 2nd magnet should be placed to right of the license plate. I know these aren't the recommended places for placement but both of my brothers are in law enforcement and said 99% of LEO wont care. They want to make sure they get "it" right, meaning they will verify that you have the corresponding card that allows for HOV access showing its linked to the VIN of your M3.

ndwolfwood09 | 5 March 2019

Instead of Clean Cling (Cool concept, wish I heard of this before), I used magnet sheets from Amazon. Since the bumper is plastic, I put it on the trunk and above bumper side fenders. Works like a charm!

zheng94402 | 5 March 2019

Bay Areas
Sent 1/8
Check cashed 3/1
Sticker received 3/4

PK2018 | 6 March 2019

Orange County
Received plates 1/9/19
Mailed application and fee 1/10/19
$22 Check cleared 2/28/19
Sticker received 3/4/19

Glak | 6 March 2019

@surfpearl you’re right, I should have had a little more patience. They were in the mail when I got home. Thanks.

JayM | 6 March 2019

I had already bought the Velcro and Scotchguard Pro Film so was commited:
Here is a pic of the Velcro mounts on a Black Model 3:

CST | 6 March 2019

Why not just leave the stickers on there - they look better than velcro - lol!

Tesla_Dad | 6 March 2019

Got stickers 3/6 (sent 1/11, check cleared 2/27).

There were no instructions on where to stick them on the car. There aren't any instructions specific to purple stickers online either.

RP3 | 6 March 2019

@Tesla_Dad - mine came with a small sheet of paper with the proper locations (4 in all). See question 25 in the FAQ on this page:

kgkiran | 6 March 2019

Applied in December-2018 for Sticker.
Check cached in Feb-2019
Received Sticker within a week after check caching.

bantui | 6 March 2019

Jan 8 - Send application to DMV
Feb 26 - DMV cashed the $22 check
March 6 - Received stickers in the mail.

tcandmm | 6 March 2019

So Cal
1/7 app sent
2/26 check cashed
3/6 decal received
Good luck everyone else.

4barkie | 7 March 2019

Mailed 1/2/19
Check stamped "for deposit 2/1/19"
Check cleared 3/5/19
Decals should come in another 2 months!!!!! Or when pigs fly whichever comes first.

The website still states the process takes 30 days.........

Code3JT | 7 March 2019

L.A. County

1/17/19 - Mailed Check & App
3/06/19 - Check Cleared

Standing by for those purple beauties! Will update upon arrival.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 7 March 2019

Purple Bump

tax.nerd | 7 March 2019

1/18/2019: Mailed check and application
3/7/2019: Check cashed
3/7/2019: Waiting for stickers.

CST | 7 March 2019

Mailed after 1st week of Jan.
Arrived today.
Car is to dirty to apply.

TornadoChaser | 7 March 2019

Spoke with DMV and got good news- they were cashing my check and stickers were assigned. Confirmed today with my bank the check cleared. Should have stickers by mid next week (hopefully).

January 10 - Sent in application
March 7 - Check cleared / confirmed with DMV stickers assigned
March 14? - stickers should arrive

God speed to all of you still waiting. It’s insanity that for all the taxes we pay in California it takes literally two months to just get stickers. A suggestion to Tesla - why don’t they just work out a deal with the DMV to get them for new owners when we take delivery? When I bought my Ford Fusion Energi the dealer had the stickers already and I drove off with them on the car. (steps off soapbox)

TornadoChaser | 7 March 2019

Quick question - how badly do the dmv stickers possibly damage the paint? I have the clear bra protection for the HOV stickers from RPM Tesla and plan to use but just wondered if it’s worth applying.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 8 March 2019

Bump. Still no joy, but I waited to send check in until 1/20, so not worried. Annoyed but not worried.

Code3JT | 8 March 2019

@TornadoChaser I did a bunch of research recently on this subject while waiting for my stickers to arrive. Attaching your stickers on-top of paint protection materials and then applying the films to your Tesla will indeed make them easier to remove later, but that is the problem. It will make it easier for anyone else to remove and steal them as well without destroying the sticker. Just a matter of time before crooks become savvy to recognizing this method and when they take a closer look, especially if you leave a small edge border of the paint protection film, they will be able to easily tell.

I also looked online at techniques and products to help remove the stickers and came to the conclusion that it can be done properly without damaging the paint. I figured I'll worry about removing it five years down the line rather than worry now about them being stolen and having to go through DMV hell again to get them replaced.

But.... what do I know.

Here are a couple of many links out there to maybe help make the right decision for you. Good luck.

gcklo | 8 March 2019

The purple ones are indeed ugly. I put them in relatively low positions so they are less conspicuous. I also put them on PPF.

Midway99 | 8 March 2019

mine took about 7 weeks, check mailed in mid-december and purple stickers arrived early February.

Does Clean Cling really work and how many times. I have trips from east of Sacramento to SF, Santa Clara, etc a few times a month and would love to take this on and off. Researching all the other ideas on this forum now

Thanks and I am not a robot

Midway99 | 8 March 2019

I should note - I didn't have PPF put on the entire body, so that will help with paint protection, but I would love to remove them when not in use (most of the time).

They really stick out - purple? for god sake man!

Midway99 | 8 March 2019

I should note - I didn't have PPF put on the entire body, so that will help with paint protection, but I would love to remove them when not in use (most of the time).

They really stick out - purple? for god sake man!