Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Timeline for me:
Jan 2 - send application to DMV
Jan 9 - DMV cashed the $22 check
Jan 15 - Received stickers in the mail (they are quite bright purple...I trimmed most of the white border off before applying!)

If you get yours, post your timeline for others to see.

concertokyung | 8 March 2019

adding one more data point:
Submitted application on 1/12
Check deposited on 2/27
Sticker arrived on 3/7.

quark | 8 March 2019

Called today. They are working on applications received 1/22.

Doncald | 8 March 2019

Mailed check January 2nd, it was cashed 2/21, received stickers today 3/8/19.

TornadoChaser | 8 March 2019

@Code3JT Thank you so much for that info - super helpful!. And that's an excellent point - that having the clear bra protection will make it easier for thieves to steal the stickers. They just need a heat gun and they will come right off.

Considering how long we're all waiting for them I totally agree I don't feel like going through the agony of getting replacements. I'll likely just apply them to the car and deal with the fallout in four years. Thanks again for the great info.

Jeffcrilly | 9 March 2019

Instead of putting my purple stickers on PPF and applying to my red car, I think I’ll just wrap the whole car in purple so the stickers will match.

sss.tesla | 9 March 2019

Jan 15 - Application Sent to DMV
Mar 02 - Check Cashed
Mar 09 - Received the long awaited Purple Sticker. Valid till 01/01/2023

Code3JT | 9 March 2019

Final Update

L.A. County

1/17/19 - Mailed Check & App
3/06/19 - Check Cleared
3/09/19 - Received Stickers

Good Luck Everybody.... Only took just under 8 weeks

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 10 March 2019


rasinas | 10 March 2019

We just ordered ours last week and I am looking for options for applying them. I have seen Clean Clean mentioned a few times. Has anybody used them yet and if so what are your thoughts on the product?

johnnydang | 11 March 2019

Sent my application in on 1/22, just received it this weekend, postmarked 3/7. Looks like check was cashed on 3/6.

johnnydang | 11 March 2019

Sent my application in on 1/22, just received it this weekend, postmarked 3/7. Looks like check was cashed on 3/6.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 11 March 2019

Bump - any other post-1/20 checks cleared?

ENVUSM3 | 12 March 2019

My check was mailed 1/22, still not cashed.

daikoncat | 12 March 2019

Mailed mine on 1/21 and still nothing...

Robertjmjrs | 12 March 2019

What is cling clean? I do wish there were a way to put them on only when I need them which is only once in a while. Any way?

criscoboi | 13 March 2019

Mailed 1/17 from LA county ... check not cashed

rasinas | 13 March 2019

Has anyone used cling clean yet? Want to know how they work vs what their website says.

ENVUSM3 | 13 March 2019

@Robertjmjrs I recommend buying a 20-60 mil. magnetic sheet and applying the decals to the magnet sheet and placing on rear right fender and to right of your license plate on days you need them, allowing for easy and safe removal without damaging your M3.

ENVUSM3 | 13 March 2019

Mailed check 1/22
Spoke to DMV 3/13
-confirmed check was cashed 3/9 even though it hasn’t cleared my bank
-processed App on 3/9
-mailed decals on 3/11
-waiting to receive

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 13 March 2019


BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 14 March 2019


BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 14 March 2019

Los Angeles
Mailed application 1/20
Check Cleared 3/14
Waiting for my purple lovelies . . .

Ryman606 | 14 March 2019

Mailed Application 1/18
Check cashed 3/14
Stickers please come soon?!

ngadhia | 15 March 2019

Mailed App : 01/22/2019
Check cleared: 03/13/2019
Waiting for purple stickers

daikoncat | 15 March 2019

Finally some progress...
1/21: Mailed
3/9: Check Cashed

Currently waiting for decals to arrive in LA county

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 16 March 2019

Los Angeles
Application mailed 1/20
Check cleared 3/14
Purple received 3/16
Not in waiting room any more.
In the car pool lane. Yay!!

maximorule | 16 March 2019

Before placing the HOV stickers on your car, make sure to place it on another film first. I took off last year's HOV stickers and the residue got stuck onto car paint which was a real pain to remove. I rubbed a little too hard and there are visible swirl marks if you look closely. Lesson learned!

This year I bought a pre-cut invisible film for my 2019 HOV stickers which should be much easier to remove in the future. The link is below if anyone is interested.

mfarooqanis | 17 March 2019

The wait is over!
So Cal
Mailed application 1/17
Don’t know when they cashed the amount since I sent a money order.
Decals received 3/16
So took 2 months.. Can’t wait to get in that diamond lane :))
Still grinning!

skyline003 | 17 March 2019

SF. Sent my application in on 1/23, Check cashed 3/14. Received mail on 3/16. Thanks for all the data point in this community all along!

gllivyl | 17 March 2019

Mailed the application and check in around 1/2/2019.
Received the decals on March 16 2019.

Hang in there, and it will eventually arrive.

ngadhia | 18 March 2019

Final Update:

App mailed : 01/22/2019
Check Cleared: 03/13/2019
Purple stickers received : 03/16/2019.

triton3 | 18 March 2019

App mailed : 01/25/2019
Still waiting and fuming while I see violators zoom past by in the HOV lane!

ENVUSM3 | 18 March 2019

1/22 Mailed application
3/9 Application processed
3/11 decals mailed
3/13 spoke to DMV
3/14 Check cashed
3/16 Received stickers

Finally out of the waiting room!

faizone | 18 March 2019

I mailed my application on 1/24. I called DMV and I was asked if I have a tracking #, i told them I sent it through regular post and I don’t have one. I was told either I should wait for another week and see or send in another application since they are processing applications that they received as of 1/28.

Does that mean my app is lost ? What do you all think. Should I wait longer or should I send in another application.

zzubair | 18 March 2019

Mailed application with $22 check 1/19 check cashed 3/14 received stickers 3/18. Installed stickers with clean cling 3/18. Long wait!

ENVUSM3 | 19 March 2019

@faizone Did you call a field office or main office? Call 916-657-8035 and have them look you up based on your VIN. Most likely it’s coming this week or next. They told me they processed my app 3/9 and mailed 3/11 and I didn’t get them till yesterday.

Good luck!

Bryan.whitton | 19 March 2019

Ordered mine 1st week of JAnuary. They came 1st week of March while I was out of the country. My wife installed them on some PPF that our PPF installer gave to me for that purpose. She got to use them before me.
I almost feel guilty using them. I mean I get to drive theTM3 AND use the HOV lanes. :-)

daikoncat | 19 March 2019

Final update:

1/21: Mailed
3/9: Check Cashed
3/18: Decals received

On a side note, the purple decals are hideous! Lol

triton3 | 20 March 2019

App mailed: 01/25/2019
Called DMV: 03/20 (Thanks ENVUSM3 for confirming the number)
Application was processed: 03/16
Check not cashed yet.
Awaiting Stickers in the mail.

If you call DMV, either it wont get through because of high call volume; OR if you do get through, there is a long wait time. Fortunately there is the option for them to call you back. DMV person on the line was courteous and friendly!

faizone | 20 March 2019

What is the difference between Clean cling vs Evwraps

stopnair | 20 March 2019

does the form need to be mailed in? Can't we go to DMV and hand it over for faster processing? also in CA how soon do we get the registration papers and the license plate? I am picking my car on saturday...and purple sticker application needs the registration paper copy.

4barkie | 20 March 2019

mail in is the only option

Robertjmjrs | 20 March 2019

Thanks envyusm3. My M3 is white. I am guessing that doing a less than perfect job of this would make me vulnerable to theft. I am not good with my hands in an artistic way. Has anyone used cling clean of actually done the magnetic sheet thing? For the stickers. By the way, I mailed mine March 12. Of course not cashed yet.

triton3 | 21 March 2019

stopnair, congrats on your M3! Some faqs regarding the application -

- Like 4barkie said; DMV's CAV page ( specifically says that local offices do not process applications. It must be mailed to the special processing unit's address on the form.
- You need your permanent registration before applying. In CA, took me 3 weeks from purchase to get my registration & license plates.
- Due to higher volumes of applications towards the end of the year, DMV is taking up to two months to process the CAV applications.

faizone | 21 March 2019

My check was cashed today.
App was sent on 1/24

Ramyond | 21 March 2019

App was sent on 1/20
Check cashed 3/20

renvu | 23 March 2019

App sent on 1/22
Check cashed on 3/20
Sticker received on 3/22

kerry986 | 24 March 2019

App sent 1/24
Check cashed 3/21
Sticker received 3/23

JCTSLAM3 | 24 March 2019

1/22 check mailed to CA DMV
3/20 check cashed
3/24 waiting

Maybe I should have waited ‘till 2020 to get a full 3 yrs with a better color sticker!

kristijanaoravec | 25 March 2019

Sent app and check mid January 2019. Received stickers mid March.