Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Timeline for me:
Jan 2 - send application to DMV
Jan 9 - DMV cashed the $22 check
Jan 15 - Received stickers in the mail (they are quite bright purple...I trimmed most of the white border off before applying!)

If you get yours, post your timeline for others to see.

kristijanaoravec | 25 March 2019

Stickers show up one week after check is cashed.

sprasad90 | 25 March 2019

1/22 Sent application CA DMV
3/21 check cashed
3/23 Received

Zztops | 25 March 2019

App sent on 1/22
Check cashed on 3/14
Sticker received on 3/21

Couldn't bring myself to put them directly on the car.

Went sticker>PPF>Magnet. PPF and magnet cut to size. A very tedious process. IF anyone else is going to go this route, go with a strong magnet of at least 60 mils thickness. The larger stickers/magnets are on solid as a rock. I dont think a 20 mil magnet would have cut it for the smaller ones. They hold well on the rear quarter panels and trunk and front fender just above the head light. Cop behind me didnt seem to care on exact placement. I guess as long as they are there. Plus I think higher up is more more visible anyways.

kishorekv | 25 March 2019

Mailed: 2/1, Delivered to DMV: 2/8
Check cashed: (3/23, apparently)
Stickers received: Not yet.

For those of you still waiting and wondering on the status of your application, you can contact 916-657-8035, the field office support team, to check on the status. I called, and got a hold time of about 25 minutes before someone answered the call. After getting my license plate number, make and model information, I was told that they processed my application on 3/23 - a Saturday nonetheless! And that I should receive my stickers within 30 days.

I can sympathize with the employees dealing with this avalanche of applications, while at the same time frustrated that the DMV as an agency let's this backup to build up.

Ramyond | 25 March 2019

App was sent on 1/20
Check cashed 3/20
received decal 3/25!

hughbie | 25 March 2019

Mailed 1/1719. Just got the entire package back with the check. Was instructed to fill out a change of address form, since the Model 3 title only shows my physical address, but not the mailing address which we use for all our DMV stuff. Do not pass Go! Guess we start over.

tracy | 26 March 2019

I mailed mine in early Jan after receiving plates. Still nothing. I called last week and was told that for 2019 Telsa's dont qualify for carpool lane exemption?


Zztops | 26 March 2019

@ tracy
Someone is either lying to you, or not knowledgeable.

Zztops | 26 March 2019


Unless you have the Standard Range or SR+ models. Those aren't on the list, or maybe they just aren't published on the website yet. But I doubt you have an SR since you submitted your app in January.

triton3 | 26 March 2019

Final Status

App mailed: 01/25
Application processed: 03/16
Check cashed: 03/21
Stickers Received: 03/25

shangod2006 | 27 March 2019

ok i know I am stupid :(.............. i mailed the application to DMV with cash instead of check since this is my first time doing it and probably din't read the instructions well only realized after reading this page, it's been 9 weeks and haven't heard back anything nor got the stickers, any advice please?

peterlum_p | 28 March 2019

mailed on 1/29 (at the post office). check is withdrawn this morning. hoping to get the sticker before the end of the week.

dhliu | 28 March 2019

I don't remember when I originally mailed the application, but it was definitely during the last week of January.

Check cashed - 3/27

Waiting impatiently for stickers...

jjgunn | 28 March 2019

"Tracy" never has any positive posts. Only negative.....hmmmm.

quark | 28 March 2019

App mailed: 01/26
Check cashed: 03/28
waiting for stickers

Bruingal | 29 March 2019

Application mailed: Jan 26, 2019
Check cashed: March 26, 2019
HOV stickers received: still waiting....

kryspang | 30 March 2019

@shangod2006 I was even stupider. After repeatedly checking the form itself, I submitted the application without ANY payment.

I’ll share my current experience to hopefully manage your expectations.

TL;DR you’ll have to correct what’s wrong (payment) and start all over in the queue. Sucks.

1. Jan 2 - mailed form without payment
2. Feb 17 - form returned to me with additional form and “what you did wrong” item checked (it’s a front and back form with #1 being something like “no or incorrect payment”
3. Feb 18 - remailed form with check back to ORIGINAL address per instructions, and included the form they sent (in hopes the opener would see it and know everything else was good to go - no idea if it matters)
4. Mar 30 - still waiting

peterlum_p | 4 April 2019

just got the sticker yesterday 4/3. mailed 1/29, check cashed 3/28. Gook Luck folks!

bcb2220 | 4 April 2019

SIGH....i just sent mine in on 4/2....probably won't get them until June/July lol

Marcushmd | 4 April 2019

Application mailed: Jan 10, 2019
Check cashed: March 28, 2019
CHP write ticket( driving without HOV sticker) April 4,2019 Anyone know how much??
HOV stickers ETA: hopefully before end of the world

JPPTM | 4 April 2019

Marcus--expect $400-1000 depending on how they write it up. NOT a fix-it violation.You rolled the dice and 'crapped out'.

Bruingal | 6 April 2019

Quick update:

Application mailed: Jan 26, 2019
Check cashed: March 26, 2019
HOV stickers received: April 5, 2019!!!

mlspropertiesllc | 6 April 2019

Get with the program CA, do like other states and have a diffent colored license plate. NO MORE UGLY STICKERS ON GORGEOUS VEHICLES!

liz27animas | 7 April 2019

Has anyone sent in their application before receiving their license plates and successfully received their stickers? I just bought my M3 yesterday & am anxious to get my stickers (405 is my life).

jjgunn | 7 April 2019


You are driving a Zero emmissions vehicle.

Go to court with your submitted application, times & dates then fight that ticket. It's really very simple.

derichio02 | 8 April 2019

Wow! Finding this thread just ruined my day/night. Took delivery on 3/8 and I mailed on 3/28 :(

shaddydog310 | 9 April 2019

Mailed - Feb 12
Check Cashed - April 9
Received - ?

So a 2 month wait time. After this I will just be awaiting my CVRP rebate, which should supposedly be reviewed this month.

ssphadnis | 9 April 2019

Mailed - Jan 27
Received - Apr 06

Little more than 2 months. I've never waited with so much anticipation for something so hideous.

ccash | 9 April 2019

liz27animas: I took my chances and mailed with temp plates and temp registration. A little nervous I'd have to start over, but check was cashed.

Sent: Feb 6th.
Check cashed: April 4th.

cstewy | 10 April 2019

Mailed - Feb 5

Still waiting...

jjgunn | 10 April 2019

Mailed March 11 - See ya in July - hhahahah

CST | 10 April 2019

I've had mine for a month, but haven't bothered to put them on. Need to clean the car first and this is the first dry week.

stopnair | 17 April 2019

Mailed - 4/17 today. Will have to wait like 4 months now..ridiculous..

johnakm | 19 April 2019

application mailed Jan 28th
Check cashed: March 28th

Waited for around 3 weeks after check was cashed

Called DMV: April 17th to check if stickers are lost in mail. DMV agent told me that the application was processed March 23rd. But stickers were mailed around a week or so ago. He said that he cannot mark as lost in mail until 30 days from March 23rd processing April 23rd. So he said to wait until then and call back if I haven't got it yet.

misterdonut | 27 April 2019

Jan 2 - 1st Application mailed
March 5 - Application returned with original check and form stating incorrect info
March 7 - mailed corrected info + original application and check
April 25 - check cashed!

Hopefully the stickers will be here soon as this process has been pretty ridiculous when you would think it should be an easy online application...

bcb2220 | 27 April 2019

literally blows my mind that DMV doesn't have automation for this process. it's all done manual which is why it takes so much time and effort to check hence why there's such a backup. i almost want to go and talk to them about how to scale this part for them and make it done online and automated so it can be within 7 days rather than 3/4 months.

johnakm | 30 April 2019

After calling a few more times, I found out that they messed up my street number (added one more digit) and so God knows where it went to. They did accept that it was their mistake, since my address is correct in the registration card and driver license and so a typo could have caused this. They said they would be willing to expedite my application since I've been waiting for many months now and it was their mistake. They asked me to complete a couple of forms and fax it to them and said they would help to expedite processing for me and I should hear next week (instead of another few months). fingers crossed.

bcb2220 | 30 April 2019

i called them today and they're 2 months out from the date you send in your check to them. once your check gets cashed it's 7-10 days for you to receive them. sigh.

misterdonut | 1 May 2019

Got mine in the mail Today. So my complete timeline is here:

Jan 2 - 1st Application mailed
March 5 - Application returned with original check and form stating incorrect info
March 7 - mailed corrected info + original application and check
April 25 - check cashed
May 1 - Stickers received in the mail.

It sounds like since Jan, it's been a 2 month turnaround, and it hasn't improved...
Good luck all!

vtn720 | 8 May 2019

HOV application requested for 2015 model S that were never CA HOV registered.

March 10 - application mail via USPS ( My application took 2 weeks to reach from Bay Area to Sacramento)
March 25 - Confirmation received via USPS
May 8 - check cashed

Current status: crossing my fingers and hope to get the HOV sticker soon.

lordmiller | 8 May 2019

Feb 15 - Application mailed
May 8 - check cashed

Mine took a long time to cash. I had given up and then it cashed today!!! Yeah

D | 8 May 2019

March 17 - Application mailed
May 7 - check cashed

I seriously had given up and was about to go to the DMV to wait in line when I saw they cashed my check yesterday. About fraking time! (Now if only I can get my Clean Air Rebate check today instead of three months from now!)

jjgunn | 8 May 2019

March 11 - application mailed
April 30 - Check cashed.
May the Fourth be with you. - Purple Stickers!'s happening....

derichio02 | 15 May 2019

Mailed: 3/28
Check Cashed: 5/14
Patiently waiting for delivery

compchat | 16 May 2019

Carpool Lane is a joke during peak hours. People who are not suppose to be driving in the cp lane do so with impunity. It would be interesting to know how many receive tickets.

fsl2102 | 16 May 2019

Mailed: 04/01 without License plate # (03/16 delivery)
Check Cashed: 5/14
waiting for delivery

bcb2220 | 16 May 2019

malied: 04/02
check cashed; 5/14
waiting on delivery now

stephenfootball | 17 May 2019

Mailed in 3/25
Check cashed 5/7
Received 5/17

mchan129 | 20 May 2019

Mailed: 3/28
Check cashed: 5/14
Received: 5/18

fsl2102 | 23 May 2019

Mailed: 04/01 without License plate # (03/16 delivery)
Check Cashed: 05/14
delivery 05/23