Charging for former owners

Charging for former owners

I am a former owner of a Model X, now the owner of a Model 3. My salesman told me that Tesla was considering a 3-year free charging plan for former owners who lost their lifetime charging by changing cars. Has anyone else been told this? I can't get in touch with my salesman lately...

jordanrichard | 29 January 2019

Well if your salesman told you that, why are you having to ask him about it again.

This is the first I have heard of this. That is not to say that Tesla wouldn't come up with such a program. For a brief period of time they were granting existing owners continual FUSC (Free Unlimited Super Charging), but that didn't last long.

EVRider | 29 January 2019

News to me. I recently lost my lifetime supercharging when I replaced my 2016 Model S with a new S.

jimglas | 29 January 2019

unlikely, focus is on profitability and SC costs money

SUN 2 DRV | 30 January 2019

Or it may be a paid for program where you pay upfront for 3 years worth of usage at no incremental cost.... Could be very useful to add to a lease or to include with a car purchased for a kid going off to college so they come home more often. ;-)