Front License Plate Holder

Front License Plate Holder

First, let me apologize for this thread because I know this subject has been discussed before but I can't seem to find it as I scroll from page to page in this forum.

I'm getting my Model 3 tomorrow and I live in Texas so I'll have to install a front license plate holder. I've read that the Tesla provided holder uses adhesive which I'm not too excited about sticking on the front bumper. Can any of you who live in states that require front plates please tell me what you are using on your Model 3? I really don't want to drill holes in the front bumper either so that pretty much leaves me with wanting a holder that attaches to the front grill or under the front bumper.


JH89 | 10 February 2019

The adhesive isn't bad. I actually was a little too careless when I put it on, and wasn't happy with it being off center and crooked.

I was able to remove it by just pulling it off carefully around all edges, and it left no residue or paint damage. I replaced it nice and straight with new 3M automotive tape.

Long story short, the Tesla-provided solution is good.

Mike UpNorth_ | 10 February 2019

Don't do it..... illegal in MN where I live too....front end looks too good plateless.....imo

Alameda EV Guy | 10 February 2019

I bought the Slipstream Bracket for Tesla Model 3 from Amazon. Very happy with it. Any minor nudge by another car on the plate is likely to break some fins.

Otherwise, I really like it.

lph | 10 February 2019

There is one that clamps to the structure at the air intake.
However, I learnt the hard way that if you make the slightest bump into anything like I did the bolts at the back will punch a hole in the paint when the number plate bends (easily) and pushes on the painted front of the car. Also this does not offer any protection to the very front edge of the car. I think that the Tesla one will work better as it is mounted higher and has a decent chance to offering paint protection from minor (very) accidents.

coleAK | 10 February 2019

I ended up making my own. It’s similat to “the bandit” and “the law”. I tried to order this one:

But they wouldn’t ship to Alaska so I made the same thing for under $5 from Lowe’s.

coleAK | 10 February 2019

I’ll also mention I made the mistake of getting ceramic pro gold put on before I installed the stick on front plate bracke and it fell off. That is why I ended up having to go with above.

Tronguy | 10 February 2019

New Jersey: Ya gotta have that front plate or the cops will get you :).
As part of the discussion I read around these parts, I looked up the manufactuer of that. It's not your normal double-sided sticky tape. The advertisements for the stuff on the manufacturer's web site aren't quite as bad as that guy hanging by the helmet that used to be used for Super Glue, but it's close: Think large pickup trucks being drug backwards.
In any case, knowing that one isn't going to get two tries at this, took my time, took deep breaths, and double read the directions. Not to mention first cleaning the heck out of the bumper.
Went on just fine; it's been there since September and no signs of it getting loose or anything, through rain, snow, or the occasional bump.
I don't quite get the people who can't stand having a license plate up front. Yeah, everything looks better without text, but why don't they get upset about the one in the rear? Or maybe they do.
Probably the same people who used to read back in the day.

sroh | 10 February 2019

This works great, especially if you want to install temporarily. I install when I drive into SF and park at meters. Once you drill two holes into the license plate holder (not the bumper), it takes 3 minutes to install and one minute to remove.

gballant4570 | 10 February 2019

I used the Tesla supplied front plate holder, after getting past my initial inclination to just leave it off. I works just fine. No reason to buy anything else.

Frankmcp | 10 February 2019

I installed "The Bandit" front plate holder (version 2) yesterday. So far, so good

Resist | 10 February 2019

Initially I didn't want to put the Tesla front plate holder on my Model 3. I looked at aftermarket alternatives and many sit down over the air intake, which makes the front end look like a bugs bunny face. Some sit up higher but are attached to the plastic intake vents, which isn't appealing to me. So then I thought, I'll just not put the plate on and take my chances getting a ticket. But the more I looked at the front end, the more it looks too plain, unlike the Model S and X which have some graphic design built into them. The Model 3 needs something and the factory bracket kind of blends in with the nose and provides a graphic element, so I'm putting it on my Model 3.

ken.lunde | 10 February 2019

Both of our M3s have California Snoopy Plates, and we're using the factory front license plate holder with zero issues. This one is mine, which is also personalized →

geedub1023 | 11 February 2019

Great inputs from all of you! Several options to consider which is awesome. Thank you!

mikes | 11 February 2019

Had the Tesla provided front plate holder painted same color as the car and installed it with the provided tape, which is great tape! It is used to install many things on cars today. Front plate does not look as bad as I thought it would, especially since it is blue like the car.

suddled | 11 February 2019

Just wait until you have to put it on. You might never get harassed about it so why bother util it becomes an issue?

teslacar | 11 February 2019

I paid $45.50 for one of these from Amazon
Extreme Online Store 2016-Up Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Tow Hook License Plate Mount Relocator Bracket
Fit great, looked good, took it off because I could not position it anywhere without blocking a headlight or sensor. I see they are "out of stock" If you want one knowing it won't work, please let me know.

wayne | 11 February 2019

I have “The Law” plate holder. Very solid and well made. Probably overpriced. Looks cool. Only worry is that it clamps on to the grill and if it gets bumped I think the grill which is hard rubber or similar material will break. So far so good.

cabbower | 10 May 2019

I was interested in the Ottostick magnetic plate holder so I can easily remove the plate if I want. Does anyone have one? They seem a little pricey and was wondering if they are worth it.

lbowroom | 10 May 2019

I haven't seen an aftermarket plate holder worth paying for. OEM or nothing.

rob | 11 May 2019

@JH89 "I was able to remove it by just pulling it off carefully around all edges, and it left no residue or paint damage."

Thanks. With that info I am going to pull mine off. They are "required" here in TX but I've gone 2 years w/o a front plate on my wife's car.

pauljordan001 | 15 October 2019

I've had my Model 3 for over a year now and I still haven't fixed the front plate! Can't make up my mind. Just doesn't seem right to glue it on plus can't get behind it to clean/polish. It seems all the aftermarket options have the issue that a bump could damage what they are attached to. No 'perfect' option. Help!

tbd2001_01 | 15 October 2019

See link, but I would suggest get your own made ...

tbd2001_01 | 15 October 2019

See link, but I would suggest get your own made ...

jrweiss98020 | 15 October 2019

Take a look at SnapPlate ( No guarantees, I suppose, but the plastic mount may bend or break before the car does...

I got one, and it appears to be well-designed and -made.

FISHEV | 15 October 2019

I’d recommend The Bandit. Speedy but totally solid and leaves enough space to clean in back. Leaves no holds so it can be used on another car in the future.

FISHEV | 15 October 2019

That’s Spendy.

steve814 | 18 December 2019

I've driven a Model S in Texas for 5 years and while I have had several warnings during traffic stops, I have never gotten a ticket for no front license plate. I would leave it off.