Velcro CA HOV Sticker (now light purple with huge white border) solution?

Velcro CA HOV Sticker (now light purple with huge white border) solution?

Not a freeway work commuter so have little need to attach these sucks except
for "road trips". Saw these purple monstrocities on a black Model 3 (my color) and they
looked horrible. I have been thinking of trying a Velcro solution and keeping them off
my car 99% of the time. Basically :
Protection Film <-> Velcro (Hairy) <-> Velcro (Hook) <-> Protection Film <-> Sticker

Velcro "Industrial Stength Extreme Outdoor" in black cut in shape of the sticker.
Protection Film: 3M Scotchguard Pro.

Possible downsides: The "Hairy" black Velcro (clear for other colors) in the shape of a HOV
sticker would, of course, be visible but surely it would look better than an ugly sticker.
Side sticker (will probably install the right side sticker only) could catch the wind and
rip off??? If the Velcro is really extreme strength (hook and loop), would have to be
careful to hold car-side velcro against the car while removing the sticker or else
it could come off the car. | 11 February 2019

I'd be more worried about someone taking it, but perhap not that large a risk. I put mine at the very lowest point on the rear bumper where it rolls under the car. You can see it from the side but barely. I rarely use the HOA lanes like you. At least you have the purple ones, I have red, which really stands out on dark colors.

Earl and Nagin ... | 11 February 2019

Legally, the labels are supposed to be permanently attached. However, I've never heard of anyone getting stopped and having them be inspected.

jvpereira | 12 February 2019

Good morning my EV friends. I believe they must be permanently mounted so yes stick them on. You can get a clear wrap on the rear and you'll never know it's there. Stick it to the car after the wrap install. This way you can just remove the wrap and there you go it's off. Downside- If you have to replace the wrap before the sticker expires. The purple tags are expire 2023. I asked for 2022 so I got red and yes they look good on dark paint but, I too placed them low and I used only 3 tags. No front tag for me. Now if you need to remove the old tags use Krud Kutter from WalMart and plastic razor blades. Took time but there was absolutely no damage at all not even a scratch.

Earl and Nagin ... | 12 February 2019

Yes, the wrap is a good idea. It is what I've done.

JayM | 6 March 2019
rajatgaikwad4950 | 8 March 2019

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