2019..5.1 08f5774 update

2019..5.1 08f5774 update

Just got my update and it’s confirmed that the Sentry mode and Dog mode is on this firmware. Anyone else got the update?

Dino_SoCal | 14 February 2019

It’s also added the blind spot warning chime, auto fold mirrors based on location.

bermuc | 14 February 2019

Yup, here the release notes:

Jmereminsky | 14 February 2019

Pole Position removed??

Dino_SoCal | 14 February 2019

Sentry Mode records the front , left and right camera only. No footage from the rear camera. Videos are saved in the USB inside a folder called SaveClips.

Dino_SoCal | 14 February 2019

I don’t do videos well but if you want to see how to enable the new modes:

PhilaKing | 15 February 2019

Can you film a drive and see if blind spot chime is working? Saw someone else say it wasn’t actually making a. Sound.

gmr6415 | 15 February 2019

Hmmm. I really wish they would add the rear camera to the recording and for the dash camera too. Many of the aftermarket dash cams have a second rear camera, and I found it very useful when someone rear ended my previous car.

eaglesam | 15 February 2019

Does one need to purchase AutoPilot in order for Blindspot Warning Chime to work?

gmr6415 | 15 February 2019

@sam.mathews, Looking at Dino_SoCal's video above it doesn't appear so. He clearly states he doesn't have EAP, yet the Blindspot chime is added to the few settings those of us without EAP have under autopilot.

teddy.tseng | 15 February 2019

Someone reported that the blindspot warning doesn't have chime when the other car is approaching. can someone confirm, and there is another update Firmware Build v9.0 2019.5.2 c21b3a5, what's different compare to this one?

Dino_SoCal | 15 February 2019

Just tested it on my way to work and definitely no chime is audible. Possibly someone with EAP and it’s engaged can verify.

EVRider | 15 February 2019

You'll only hear the chime if you try to change lanes when the car detects another vehicle next to you -- is that what you did?

emeralda2 | 15 February 2019

Chime reportedly also linked to navigation volume (won't hear if muted?).

M3phan | 15 February 2019

Great review and show-n-tell of the updates by Tesla Raj

RES IPSA | 15 February 2019

So you still need some sort of removable USB storage device plugged into the car to record video during Sentry mode? Similar to record dash cam footage?

If so, can't the criminal just take the USB storage device?

Will Tesla ever enable cloud storage for video recording?

Dino_SoCal | 15 February 2019

Emeralda2, you’re right it was confirmed. I had my Nav voice muted.
Also I did a simple test of how much battery usage while Sentry Mode is on.

4barkie | 15 February 2019

What is the sound that the alarm makes? I thought it was a particular piece of classical music. At least that is what I thought Elon said.

Dino_SoCal | 16 February 2019

Just got the new update today 2/16/19
2019.5.3 e31b992 - no new features just minor improvements and bug fixes.

sheldon.mike1010 | 16 February 2019

Are you doing anything special to get updates?
I'm sitting here with older version plugged in and on strong WiFi and so far bupkis.....

syclone | 16 February 2019

The blind spot warning is very bright and very loud - Well done, Tesla

Dino_SoCal | 16 February 2019

Sheldon.mike1010. I’m not doing anything different, I’m just like everyone else out there who owns the M3. I wonder sometimes why I get mine quicker that usual. My vin# 30xxx and I took delivery in early June. No regrets on my part. I love my Wakanda.