Ordering new software limited 100kwh pack

Ordering new software limited 100kwh pack

Hi, recently Tesla just released a new software limited 100kwh pack in America, just wondering if they have mentioned it’s coming in Canadian stores. Have they released any news?

bp | 16 February 2019

Tesla has shifted all S/X manufacturing to only have 100KWh battery packs - which can be configured as fully unlocked or software limited.

When configuring an order, customers shouldn't assume there will be a future option to unlock the full battery pack, unless this is specifically stated on the website.

On the US website, the extended range (full 100KWh) option is $8,000 when configured at delivery - there isn't any indication ER can be added after delivery.

Enhanced AutoPilot is $5,000, and is offered as a $7,000 option after delivery.

CSFTN | 18 February 2019

bp, how long you been around? While past performance is no guarantee of future activity, Tesla has been down this road before, always with the same result: you can pay later to unlock the rest of the battery. And when these cars are traded for new ones, they will be sold as used, with unlocked batteries.