Owners model S and X who still use software V8 and won’t update

Owners model S and X who still use software V8 and won’t update

My husband have a MS 100 D with the update version 9, and I still hold Version 8 in my 75D because is way user friendly, way safer, let multiple touch for everything and not need to look down the menu, which can be dangerous. How many owners still hold Version 8.
P.S. my husband has the new car for 3 months and still dislikes the Version 9.

NKYTA | 19 February 2019

Way safer?

Got some statistics to back that up?

Yodrak. | 19 February 2019

"way safer" "Got some statistics to back that up?"

Got any statistics to show otherwise? I submit that it's a subjective issue and neither side is likely to find statistical evidence for their position.

For myself, I held off as long as possible until I was forced to update by problems with the rear-view camera that couldn't be solved after several tries under V8 but miraculously disappeared when I reluctantly agreed to V9. As many proponents of V9 predicted, my wife and I have gotten used to it. We still wish we didn't have it, but we have learned to deal with it.

NKYTA | 19 February 2019

"Got any statistics to show otherwise?"

No, but then again, I didn't make the claim.
And I'm not claiming the reverse.
I'm asking.

T35LAX | 19 February 2019

@ carolinagobo
If you would have updated to V9, you would not posted two identical posts ;-)

TabascoGuy | 19 February 2019

...or three.