Owners model S and X who still use software V8 and won’t update

Owners model S and X who still use software V8 and won’t update

My husband have a MS 100 D with the update version 9, and I still hold Version 8 in my 75D because is way user friendly, way safer, let multiple touch for everything and not need to look down the menu, which can be dangerous. How many owners still hold Version 8.
P.S. my husband has the new car for 3 months and still dislikes the Version 9. | 18 February 2019

Not sure why you think more keystrokes in v8 is safer. There are so many options and features that require 1 or 2 keystrokes less in v9. Still of you like version 8 and hate change and new features, there is nothing wrong with that. Part of it may just be the way you use it makes it seem like v8 is easier.

The biggest concern is all the safety and security improvements Tesla has added in v9 and continues to add. Most of these are invisible until you need it.

EVRider | 19 February 2019

One of the best features of a Tesla is the fact that your car gets new features and bug fixes via software updates. At some point you’ll probably choose to (or need to) update, so why wait and miss out on new features and fixes?

reed_lewis | 19 February 2019

If I had autopilot with HW2 on my car, there is absolutely no reason I would not upgrade to the latest software. Running the old software with a HW2 car is like running Windows 3.1 on a i7 processor. It might be possible, but it will not make the car/computer work well and take full advantage of the capabilities! | 19 February 2019

About 4% of PC owners still run XP! Lots of people are resistant to change. Requires learning new things, which can be hard. I expect there are still a few Tesla owners on v7 as well, seeing v8 as a scary upgrade (it wasn't), but similar howls of protest with v7 to v8 by a few very vocal owners. I see nothing wrong with staying with something you're familiar with, but you also lose out on a lot as well.

reed_lewis | 19 February 2019

Notice I did not say XP. I still use XP on one of my machines at home because there are drivers for older printers I have that do not have drivers for 7 and above.

And I also tempered my comment with cars that are HW2+. There is so much in the new software that driving using old autopilot is painful. I recently had a loaner that had ver 8 software on HW2.5 and I forgot just how bad the autopilot was compared to the current versions.

carolinagobo | 19 February 2019

I owned Tesla’s since 2012, I’ve been through all Version of Tesla software, currently we owned 2 Teslas one with the latest V9 and the other with version 8, we are technology savvy, the UI of Version 9 is not good, the fact that the main access is at the bottom of the screen makes you take your eyes from the route, too many clicks for steering wheel heating, smaller icons, monochromatic, you need to pay more attention to differentiate.

DonS | 19 February 2019

I've been putting off the upgrade, but the constant reminders to update are annoying too. There were some releases several years ago that took some getting used to, but I am still skeptical that the latest version has more positives than negatives.

EVRider | 20 February 2019

I guess if you didn’t pay for EAP you’re not missing as much by staying on V9, but if you use EAP I don’t see how you could pass up on updates that make it work better, especially if you’re concerned about safety.

EVRider | 20 February 2019

I meant staying on V8...

Wilber | 20 February 2019

carolinagobo - I agree on all points. I regret updating to v9. I dont have AP, so the improved AP in V9 is irrelevant. And one more thing v8 had - the instrument cluster view of the car showed colored (green?) lines on both sides of the car that were based on lane markers. This was just a teeny bit of AP - as it would show exactly where i was in the lane. Now in v9 there are just thin black lines on either side of car AND they dont show position of car in lane. A step backward!. I suspect Tesla is just trying to convince me to spring for AP!

EVRider | 20 February 2019

@Wilber: My previous Model S had AP1, so I don't know what the non-AP UI looked like before and after the upgrade to V9. In my AP1 car, I don't recall there being much of a UI difference in the instrument panel display when I upgraded -- most of the differences were in the touchscreen. I can't say with certainty that V9 made AP1 work any better for me, but I did like some of the other new features in V9 (but some I didn't like and still don't).

ulrichard | 20 February 2019

People are still using Windows on their computers? OMG!

When I brought my car in for service last November, I told them not to upgrade to v9 after all the negative comments I read about it.
Last month I sat in a new car and played a bit with the v9 interface. I like the v8 better, but it is not as bad as I expected from the comments. I will probably upgrade, once I get the message, but I won't do anything to get it sooner.

DTsea | 21 February 2019


I went to a teala store and played withV9. I havean AP1 Mode S, so AP2 improvements dont apply. If forced i could tolerate V9 but i dont like it.... so not accepting it. The nag went away after a while. I particularly dislike NAV on the top... i like it on the bottom.