New Black Signature Wall Connector For Sale (SOLD)

New Black Signature Wall Connector For Sale (SOLD)

I'm selling a brand new black signature wall connector that I received as a referral award, still in the box. I'll sell it for $400 plus shipping, though I prefer local pickup in southeast FL. It comes with a 24' charging cable.

If interested, respond to my ad on TMC:

UPDATE: This item was sold.

bruhling2 | 27 February 2019

How long did it take from order to delivery on the referral HPWC?

EVRider | 28 February 2019

I earned two wall connector awards, the first one last August and the second in December. I received both of them earlier this month, about 2 weeks apart. The were out of stock until January, but they seem to be catching up on orders now.

PS: I’ve already sold the wall connector.

jimglas | 28 February 2019

remove or modify your original post since its sold

EVRider | 28 February 2019

@jimglas: Good idea, done. I didn't delete the post since @bruhling2's question is still relevant.