Can the model x auto park itself without a driver in the car

Can the model x auto park itself without a driver in the car

Falammd | 23 February 2019

So can your model x park itself without a driver?

avesraggiana | 23 February 2019

Kind of. But not really.

Here’s what I’ve taught my elderly dad to do. He stops the car in front of the garage, lined up with the space he wants to park. He double presses the silver “PARK” button at the end of the gear stalk, selects the Forward blue arrow that appears on the centre display, gets out of the car, and closes the door.

The car then rolls forward into the space in the garage and stops at whatever distance you’ve preset, the distance between the front bumper and whatever obstacle is in front of the car; in my dad’s case, it’s the distance between the front bumper and the garage wall, now set at 18 inches.

Basically this self-park function is a variation of the Summon feature. It really only works in a straight line, and only either forwards or backwards. You have to choose which way.

It’s of limited utility but it works well in situations like the one I described above.

avesraggiana | 23 February 2019

Addendum. I taught my dad this rarely used self-park feature so that he’d no longer have to trouble himself with parking my mum’s Model X100D in the garage.

Several months ago, my dad was manually parking my mum’s Model X in the garage. He stopped a few feet short of where he needed to be, pressed the accelerator by accident, and crashed the car into the garage wall.

No one was hurt but the garage wall sustained considerable damage, home appliances were destroyed, and my mum’s Model X was totalled. We replaced it with another X100D three months later.

Redmiata98 | 25 February 2019

If you have the automatic open/close on the garage door opener activated, you might want to reconsider that choice. Most garage door openers will receive a signal from the car during the “park” sequence and ignores whether the door is currently open or closed. So, if the door is open and you initiate the park sequence the door may close on the car. The automatic stop nanny lights on the garage door may not stop the door once the front wheels past the laser lights. (Your opener MAY be different but exercise caution.)
Great idea to use this option for safe parking. I have VERY tight spacing between the car and garage door opening and always use the summon to exit the garage.

avesraggiana | 25 February 2019

@Redmiata98. Thanks for the warning. We’ve not yet experienced that feature with our garage door. If the garage door is already open when we begin the Self-Park command, it stays open throughout the whole manoeuvre.

ruthieX | 12 March 2019

Does anyone know how to adjust the clearance offset below the minimum 8"? I was assured by my sales guy that I could use summon park my Model X in with a very tight fit. I need the car to get 4" closer to the front of my garage so that my garage door can close but I can't reduce the clearance below 8".