Charge port may not open when pressed

Charge port may not open when pressed

There is a red notification icon in the upper right corner of the screen. When opened, it displays:

Charge port may not open when pressed
Use another method to open charge port

The notification appears to be correlated with outside temperatures below about 50 degrees and disappears at higher temperatures. I can't find any information about this in the manual. Is this a feature or a defect? It seems odd that pressing the charge port door to open is temperature sensitive while other ways of opening it are not.

EVRider | 24 February 2019

Given that Tesla implemented a message for this situation, I have to assume it’s a feature.

P49X | 24 February 2019

Of course the message is a feature. But is it a feature or defect that the charge port door won't open when pressed if temperature is below about 50 degrees F?

P49X | 24 February 2019

A chat window just popped up on a Tesla website window I had open, so I asked about this issue. The Tesla rep pinged my car and determined the charge port door sensor was defective and should be looked at so it doesn't get worse and stop working all together. She requested a mobile tech appointment to have it fixed.

Bighorn | 24 February 2019

Apparently the press to open feature stops working if the magnet falls off. Photo should be on Google.

P49X | 24 February 2019

Thanks. Found the Google reference. The magnet piece is still attached. The problem goes away when the outside temperature rises above about 50 degrees F. So it does seem like a marginal defect. The Tesla rep could see the press to open feature was not working when linking to the car. She was concerned the problem might progress to something more serious like not being able to get the door open at all. She ordered a mobile tech appointment to have it looked at.

P49X | 28 February 2019

A mobile service tech replaced the charge port mechanism just now. He said the common cause of this problem is the little diamond-shaped magnet piece falling out of the door corner. That was not the case here, so he suspects the sensor itself was intermittently defective in the body of the charge port assembly.

calvin940 | 28 February 2019

The charge port opens if pressed??? I have always been using the button on screen!

jithesh | 28 February 2019

@Bighorn I've been there. Couldn't figure out for long time till I searched on Google. Called Tesla and they replaced the entire chargeport just for that little piece

@calvin940 ha ha yes.. I am surprised many people did not know this.

finman100 | 28 February 2019

yes, but... if the car is locked I've found u have to open a door (i open the left rear, closest to the charge port), and then you can touch the lower right corner (or bottom edge, really) and the port door opens.

Love the auto-close of the port door!

But getting it to open without opening a door (or trunk, I've heard others doing) is kinda annoying. If i have my phone on me it should open with a touch, not having to physically open a door (and thusly unlocking the car).

Or maybe I'm doing it wrong.

jithesh | 28 February 2019

@finman100 thats not required. I always press open the chargeport door without opening driver/passenger doors. It could be that your car is locking itself in which case it may not open the chargeport I think.

Lorenzryanc | 28 February 2019

Always keep an eye out for that little magnet. I've have to superglue mine back in. Luckily it fell off when it was closing one day and I saw it.

donnyb | 28 November 2019

I got the same message yesterday. I made an appointment to have it looked at. Magnet appears to be Intact.

dallasjetset | 5 February 2020

This has happened twice in the last 10 days. I opened a service request and they just provided an estimate of $845.00 to fix. My 2014 is out of warranty, but it seems steep. I did notice that the temperature on both occasions was well below 50F, so does everyone get this issue?

Lonestar10_1999 | 5 February 2020

Dallasjetset- this is the M3 forum. In 2014 the M3 was no more than a sketch on the back of Elon’s napkin. What Tesla do you have with the charge port issue?

Haggy | 6 February 2020

For me, this was one of the very few issues with my 2017 Model 3. I might not have known about it, since there were early issues with the app and the car handshaking right away, and it didn't really affect me, but I got the message and Tesla came to my house to fix it. Before that, I didn't use it because I had assumed that it was the app not being ready yet, and since it was no big deal opening it with the button on the plug, I didn't realize the problem without seeing the message.