Referral Code: How do I get Mine

Referral Code: How do I get Mine

I have checked my loot box and sent emails for 5 days to the referral email address and still haven't gotten a response I would like to use my reward before the 28th deadline. My referral code was used and the person who used it has taken delivery, and I know this for sure since he was parked right next to me on Friday. How do I get in contact with someone to get me code that will not show up in the app?

If anyone can assist me I would greatly appreciate it.


Chray1 | 26 February 2019

Thanks so much.

burdogg | 26 February 2019

The referral code is no longer good - the 28th deadline is for those that have prizes that have to be CLAIMED by the 28th. The referral program ended sometime ago... Hence no referral code to give you at this point.

So you are just misunderstanding the 28th deadline.

burdogg | 26 February 2019

From my Tesla account:
"The Tesla Referral Program ended on February 2, 2019. All eligible winners must select their awards by February 28, 2019 in order to be fulfilled."

burdogg | 26 February 2019

Sorry, I totally just misread your post - man, it is only Tuesday! Sorry, I have no idea how to help you on this. Good luck. I would call Tesla - would have to sit on hold though - but is it just one referral? If it is just one total that you have, all you get is a glass etch that will be launched into space - not worth the time...IF you only have 1 referral

burdogg | 26 February 2019

1 Qualifying Referral:
Launch Your Photo into Deep Space Orbit
Additional details will be emailed ahead of the launch.

Now if it is TWO qualifying referrals, then yes, worth your time to call someone and wait on hold.

Chray1 | 26 February 2019

Thanks for the information.

patswin | 26 February 2019

If you are near a gallery or sc I would go see someone there. I had a missing referral, went in and told a Tesla employee who was able to look it up. Did whatever he did and I had it on my app within an hour.

Chray1 | 28 February 2019

Thanks guys, they finally got back to me on the email and updated my loot box with the code. It seems that since the program is ending they had a surge of email from people looking to get their codes. I was able to place my order for the kids electric Tesla the same color as my car. I can't wait to get it. Thanks again.

Waldek | 28 February 2019

Nice :-) congrats on the kids Tesla ;) it's cute one!

burdogg | 28 February 2019

fantastic - congrats!