Paid for Enhanced Autopilot, Full Self Driving upgrade cost?

Paid for Enhanced Autopilot, Full Self Driving upgrade cost?

Now that the Full Self Driving option has been announced at a cost of $5,000 ($3,000 for EAP), is there any word that owners that paid the $5,000 for Enhanced Autopilot will get the upgrade for free? Or just pay the $2,000 difference like before? I looked on my Tesla account, but the option still shows up as $5,000 even though I have EAP.

packpike | 1 March 2019

EAP is gone, it didn't get cheaper. The new offering is AP for $3K. EAP is somewhere between AP & FSD. I'm in the same boat as you on my MX and have neither EAP/FSD on my MS, so I'm also curious as to what the new costs will be. I'm guessing that if you have EAP the FSD purchase will still be somewhere in the $5K-$7K range. I'm sure this will all be sorted out soon as a lot of existing owners will want to know.

reed_lewis | 1 March 2019

On my new model 3, I purchased EAP and now the upgrade to FSD is $3k. Check your Tesla account and see what it says there.

raffidesigns | 1 March 2019

The above is correct. I’ve seen a few Model 3 owners asking account managers. They have reported $3,000 upgrade to FSD. what will end up happening is that whatever price you see on your account, you will pay, and have a partial refund. Tesla’s original FSD price was 4,000 but owners still saw $5k. They were refunded for the $1,000.

djjohnny110 | 1 March 2019

I literally asked my OA yesterday about the 5k purchase to 4k with the 1000 refund....he says nope you pay 5k. Literally yesterday. The amount of confusion this has caused is astronomically frustrating.

reed_lewis | 1 March 2019

When I upgraded my Model S 60D to 75D, the price dropped 30 days later from $7K to $2K. I got nothing back from that either.

Welcome to Tesla pricing!

Geox750 | 1 March 2019

Interesting to me that they offered $3K FSD to Model 3 owners, but not to Model S owners that already paid $5K for EAP ?

Why the discrepancy ?

Bill_75D | 1 March 2019

Why the discrepancy?

All Model S owners are really rich.


jeffrubenstein17 | 1 March 2019

So I literally picked up a new x 4 days ago- was a floor model so got a discount.

Totally loaded p100d

Listed as enhanced autopilot (5k). NO self driving option available.

Today when I go onto Tesla website it asks if I want self driving for additional 5k?

What the what????

Such an odd situation that others seem to be in as well.

trident3 | 1 March 2019

Just chatted with Tesla and I have a 2019 S EAP and same thing $5,000 for FSD listed in MY ACCOUNT. She told me that I will get the FSD software update in 24-48 hrs. comes with the car. Somehow I am not believing it.

jeffrubenstein17 | 1 March 2019

Posted above. Enhanced autopilot. Tonight website shows 5k for fsd. Now says 3k.

So wondering if navy on auto and self park will still work. So confusing.

Plus the price drop.

raffidesigns | 1 March 2019

I can now confirm that FSD is now $3,000.

@jeffrubenstein17. Yes. For those of us who have EAP will get NoAP, Enhanced Summon and Autopark.

ychoi1985 | 1 March 2019

FSD back at $3k for EAP owners.

ILoveMyModel3 | 1 March 2019

People place stop making up BS and just say you don't know.

Yes, per EM's tweet back in August 2018, If you purchased FSD you will get the free 3.0 hardware upgrade and all the ongoing software upgrades at no additional cost.

taylorgmoody | 1 March 2019

I know Tesla just posted this, but I'm still a little fuzzy. I thought Full Self Driving was $7,000 before. Now, if you paid $5,000 for Enhanced Autopilot, it will cost you $3,000 to upgrade to Full Self Driving. I guess I'm bummed that I paid $5,000 for EAP in Oct 2017 for my MS and $5,000 for my wife's M3 in Dec 2018, but still have to pay $3,000 each to upgrade now.

Meine Pearl | 1 March 2019

$3k plus taxes for FSD on my account with MS+EAP

rsingh05 | 2 March 2019

It’s $2k now per latest Elon tweets. Systems will take a few days to reflect this.

arvid44 | 2 March 2019

I have a 2017 Mod S with EAP ,there is no option to upgrade to FSD on My Tesla page.

rsrivast | 2 March 2019

Don't pay for FSD till this damn thing is actually out. Tesla has been collecting money for years, promising 'coming soon'. No point paying for something that is indefinite.

StatsApp | 2 March 2019

They soon redefine FSD as simply detecting stop signs and traffic light only. That's realistic and feasible and is worth $2k.

EVRider | 2 March 2019

Elon’s tweet predates and conflicts with this official post from Tesla: The official price for FSD is $3,000 for existing owners (not including AP).

SoCal Buzz | 2 March 2019

@Taylor, I’m I’m the same position. Elon already said that current EAP will retain existing Nav on AP, Summon, etc. In other words, the features that actually exist and sort of work. So don’t sweat it. No reason to pay $3K more for a couple incremental FSD features that are vaporware today (Nav on AP for city streets and stop light/sign detection). For me EAP is awesome and getting better on the highway, which is what I paid for.

raffidesigns | 2 March 2019

I have a feeling that the $2,000 price is for Model 3 owners only. If i remember correctly, when the Model 3 online configurator initially came out EAP and FSD were $1,000 cheaper then what we paid. EAP for me (Model X) was $6,000+tax. Not $5,000.

For Model S & Model X owners. FSD is $3,000. For Model 3 Owners, it's $2,000.

packpike | 2 March 2019

So to be clear, based on my 2 Tesla's here is the new (or soon-to-be pricing):
'17 MX (HW2.0) bought with EAP ($5K) - for $3K I can upgrade to FSD
'18 MS (HW2.5) no EAP/FSD - for $5K I can get AP & FSD

I know how I'll be spending my tax refund if this is correct. 1 other semi-related question; if I buy FSD and get upgraded to HW3 later will that get me the new features like dashcam on my MX?

Haggy | 2 March 2019

The FSD price for those with EAP is effectively unchanged from what it was when the cars were purchased. i.e. there's no longer a penalty for not having bought it with the car, which makes sense to me since it wasn't a working feature when people bought the car.

AP is now cheaper, but it's AP, not EAP. And it's cheaper than it is for new customers, but we paid more for the car than new customers do. It's not really a price increase for us, nor a savings for those with EAP who get FSD compared to what they would have paid when they got the car.

It does give a discount to those who never bought AP (or EAP) in the first place. But they most likely wouldn't have bought it at the unchanged price anyway so it's a sensible move for Tesla.

What Tesla should do is put the penalty for buying it after the fact back in place, but only after FSD is released and beyond the early stages. At that point it would be fair for people to get FSD without a penalty.

mshbd | 2 March 2019

What happens to my $5000 EAP now? Some features will go away?

RedJ | 2 March 2019

If you have already purchased EAP, you still keep all the features. However if you want to purchase FSD after the fact it is $2k instead of $4k. Note that this price cut is only for customers who purchased before the price reduction.

sr.smr | 2 March 2019

I have a 2017 Model S HW 2.0 with Auto Pilot and my account page shows an option to purchase Full Self Driving for $3,000. How does this upgrade affect:
- Will I receive HW 3 as part of the upgrade when the new board becomes available?
- If so, will my car be capable to receive the dashcam firmware upgrade?
- If so, will my car be capable to receive the Sentry Mode

Ohmster | 2 March 2019

My understanding is Yesx3.

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

EVRider | 2 March 2019

@raffidesigns: The $3,000 FSD price for existing owners applies to Model 3 also. The article I cited earlier doesn't say anything about specific models, and I see the $3,000 FSD option on My Tesla for our Model 3.

SoCal Buzz | 2 March 2019

Not sure how that is supported @ohm. One thing we should know by now is not to buy features that do not yet exist. Counting on HW3 upgrades, and then SW to advance FSD off of highways seems premature. @mshbd, this chart is pretty good for current EAP owners.

NRGrin | 2 March 2019

Just keep in mind an article posted earlier said that the reduced prices would be one click purchases in your Tesla account "beginning next month", so I think that means April.

Ohmster | 2 March 2019

SoCal, maybe I wasn't clear as I could have been, my Yesx3 was in reply only to sr.smr's 3 questions which are right above my post. The first ? has been confirmed many a time (all owners of FSD will get the required HW--call it 3, call it whatever, to support it when released). And the last two require 2.5 which the new HW will supersede.

sr.smr | 2 March 2019

@SoCal Buzz the chart is an excellent summary of enhancements to expect. Thanks!

WEGOTSEVEN | 2 March 2019

I am in the market to purchase a used Tesla model S 75 without any autopilot options (MFD 07/2017). Is the car still be able to purchase FSD option and HW upgrade? Autopilot is the main reason I want a Tesla :)

NKYTA | 2 March 2019

@NR “in your Tesla account "beginning next month", so I think that means April.”

You -are- new here, aren’t you. ;-) ;-)

garyjtate | 2 March 2019

Awaiting call from Nashville SC. My rep said phone been ringing all day.

NKYTA | 2 March 2019


RedJ | 2 March 2019

@Ohmster and @sr.smr while getting the required hardware upgrade for FSD has been promised for those who purchase it, nothing has been said about sentry mode, dash cam features, or Pole Position for that matter.

Assumptions have been made that those features would become available with the HW upgrade, but it may be possible we get the one without the other.

NRGrin | 2 March 2019

NKYTA: I am. So your saying 04/01 is overly optimistic and I can actually be even more patient? :)

Craig1965 | 2 March 2019

I have EAP but not FSD, because even if/when it works, the govt. or your state will probably not allow it. I mean seriously, if you tell your car to go park or pick you up and it hits someone or someone's car, well, you have a problem/lawsuit. A car MUST be driven by a 16 year old or older human being with a valid drivers licensce. Elon can't change that law, at least not for a long time. So FSD is kind of a scam, then again, for $2k, if Tesla is really going to put HW 3.0 into older cars, it may be worth it. Can anyone confirm if we buy FSD next month we will get HW 3.0 upgrade, REAL HARDWARE, not some OTA firmware/software B.S.?

birdstop | 2 March 2019

Sorry if I missed this response but can they upgrade 2017 S really to FAP without it having all the side cameras? Pod for fap at time of purchase.

pgkevet | 3 March 2019


I should think so but due to the backlog it'll be fitted about 1 month before they announce HW4 with a promise that the city driving that was abandoned will now work but sadly older cars can't be fitted with the necessary side and rear radars...promised by the end of 2020.. :-)

pgkevet | 3 March 2019

So much for copy and paste...sigh

..Can anyone confirm if we buy FSD next onth we will get H£ 3.0 upgrade..

reed_lewis | 3 March 2019

According to this:

FSD from EAP should cost $2K.

But it will take a while before that is the case.

jvmendoza72 | 3 March 2019

i love the diagram in this link

I fall in the black box and the last sentence is what concerns me. It does not say they will upgrade to 3.0 hardware for free. While Orange box says, will receive FSD for free including all updates and 3.0 hardware retrofit.

Is this a diplomatic way of saying t hat those who fall in the black box will have to pay for the retrofit to 3.0?

NKYTA | 3 March 2019

@NR, ayep. Patience is a virtue.

EVRider | 3 March 2019

@WEGOTSEVEN: the car you’re considering has hardware needed for EAP and FSD, so you can add those options after you buy the car.

@reed: I hope you’re right about the $2k FSD price. I’ll probably buy it for our Model 3 at that price. It would have been good if Tesla had included the correct pricing info in their blog post.

jltsai3 | 26 March 2019

Did Tesla just increase the price of full self driving for Enhance Auto Pilot Model 3 owners from $2k to $5k? I heard from others its now free upgrade. What is the truth? No one seems to know. At first it was $3k and then Elon tweet it cost $2k. On my Tesla account it went from $3k to $2k and now $5k.

InfamousNic | 27 March 2019

Same thing here, on Model X purchased with EAP. FSD went from 3K to 2K now 5K??

packpike | 27 March 2019

Yes, it’s now back to $5K. Tesla dropped it to $2K and after a lot of noise moved it back.