Prices model 3

Prices model 3

I am wondering that my car has not 1 year old . In Canada I paid 7 000 $ higher and somebody get the same car has me for a 2019 at a lower price. I worked hard for my money but do not get me wrong , Ilove my car. There has been a few bugs but still we like to talk to people when they ask questions about the car. I must say , I am frustrated.....

EVolution | 4 March 2019

mais en même temps avec le gouvernement Legault on ne sait pas s’il va renouveler l’incitatif de 8000$ avec le projet roulez électrique. Moi aussi j’ai hésité à commander en décembre la midrange pour avoir un prix abordable et profiter de l’incitatif. J’ai commandé le modèle de base qui revient à 56 350$ taxes incluses mais il se peut que l’incitatif de 8 000$ ne soit pas renouvelé.

Mais effectivement la situation est frustrante.

EVRider | 4 March 2019

Model S and X owners saw even bigger price drops. My 3-month old Model S now costs $13,500 less (before tax credit). We're all frustrated, but it is what it is.

NRGrin | 4 March 2019

@linetardif: your frustration is noted by many others too. But please keep something in mind: How much is your car increasing in value with each software update? Is Tesla going to charge you for all these new upgrades, No!

If you bought a comparable class BMW, Audi, MB or the like, as soon as they come out with new features next year you are driving an obsolete car within a year. Not so with your Model 3. Tesla launches new features, you get to connect your car to WiFi and when you wake up in the morning you have your new car, for free!

What is that worth? | 4 March 2019

OP - Also are you comparing apples to apples? Options have changed and so has option pricing. EAP no longer exists, so you can't equate AP ($3K) with the more featured EAP (used to be $5K).

I also thought various Canadian federal/state rebates were dropped, but I'm not up on the latest there. This might also have an effect on your net costs between a year ago and today. In the US, it has changed the value by $3750 from the loss of federal tax credit.

Irae | 4 March 2019

Same here, after the tax credit difference, I still paid $4250 higher, except I also small EAP features (not worth $4250). In Taiwan, it's even worse. With import duties, the different on a Model S P100D came out to be over $100k. Wiping out 100k of equity overnight was a pretty shitty thing for Tesla to do to their most enthusiastic customers, and it makes them both look pretty stupid.
I feel pretty bad for those Tesla owners, I understand they need to lower the price ($200k in a place where an average college grade makes maybe $12k a year is an astronomical sum), but they should have done it in a way that doesn't make them lose face like that.