Supercharger V3 Self-Charging?

Supercharger V3 Self-Charging?

Anyone knows aside from increase in rate, will the V3 be able to self-charge as well? To be fully self-driving, a car must be able to self charge as well, but this was the last update we have gotten on the project.

Pepperidge | 7 March 2019


reed_lewis | 7 March 2019

I doubt that the self plug in technology will be released in a long time. The complexity to make that and keep it running in the general purpose world is simply too much to be installed nationwide. Plus keep in mind that many locations are in areas that have rain,snow, ice which results in major issues with anything mechanical. People are having issues with their charge port doors not opening or closing in the snow. What makes anyone believe that anything like the video will work at all in those conditions.

For now, the driver will be the one to plug/unplug. It is much easier to do that.

jordanrichard | 7 March 2019

CC396 if such a capability was possible with V3, it would have been mentioned. The ONLY way for such a type of charging would require a robotic arm. | 7 March 2019

For all we know, future Tesla cars will have a robotic arm built into the car than extends out, grabs the Supercharger cable and plugs itself in. I rate this at about 0.1% chance of reality - but one never knows!

bp | 8 March 2019

Tesla demonstrated the snake charging connector several years ago - and had indicated they would use that for the coast-to-coast FSD demonstration (when did Musk last say when that would happen?).

Another connection option may be magnetic charging, parking ontop of a charging plate instead of making a connection, though its not clear high speed supercharging could be done with that technology.

jordanrichard | 8 March 2019

bp, the whole "charging plate" idea has been kicked around for years and wouldn't work for superchargers in cold weather states where plows have to clear snow. Also, it is highly inefficient.

rajatgaikwad4950 | 8 March 2019

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