Unlimited Free Supercharging

Unlimited Free Supercharging

If I sell my X, does the new owner get free unlimited supercharging?

lilbean | 12 March 2019


lilbean | 12 March 2019

If the car already has it.

jean_tse | 12 March 2019

But my account says the new owner will not get free supercharging.

bonhari03 | 12 March 2019

It depends on the year. 2016 and 2017 have free charging for the car. 2018 has free charging for the owner as long has he owns the car. In other words, not transferable.

jimglas | 12 March 2019

My model X account page says this:
You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla vehicle. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner

Depends upon what the deal was when you purchased your car.

Anthony J. Parisio | 13 March 2019

As stated above only older than 2017 have transferable free supercharging.

Waldek | 13 March 2019

it doesn't depend on the manufacture or delivery date but original order date. If order was placed on or before January 14th 2017 then it has transferable to new owner free supercharging for life of the car. If order was placed after January 14th 2017 then only original owner has free supercharging and it doesn't transfer to new owner. I am not sure if it was January 14th or January 15th 2017 the cut off date but I remember more of January 14th.

jjgunn | 13 March 2019

It depends on when you purchased your vehicle.

I believe 2017 & prior, FUSC transfers to new owner.

pibuoye | 7 June 2019

Looking for a 2017 Tesla Model X with Free supercharging and Auto Pilot Enable, any ideas please?

jjgunn | 7 June 2019

Check inventory -- currently inventory model S are going for $80k -- really good deal IMO

info | 9 June 2019

Pibuoye, you could pry my 2017 X from my hands. Equipped with free transferable Supercharging and FSD. 31k miles, original owner. Expensive.

inconel | 10 June 2019

I have the same thing and will let it go for one dollar less than info...

Teslapalooza | 11 June 2019

My MX loves free super charging. So do I :-) | 11 June 2019

If your car is destroyed in an accident, the free supercharging then evaporates. That free charging has a monetary value. I would expect you to be compensated for that value. Anyone familiar with this?

jimglas | 11 June 2019

I was offered $5k if I ended my FUSC on my P3D. I chose to keep it. That precedent may be useful to determine the monetary value of FUSC?

gguinto | 11 June 2019

Not sure what the proper protocol is, I have a question on Unlimited Free Supercharging on my MX that I took delivery yesterday. On the charge screen, there's a "Supercharging" area in the lower right and it currently shows "$0.00"

That makes me wonder - how do I know if my 2019 Inventory MX does indeed have unlimited free supercharging? I have this on my 2016 MS and I don't see that supercharging screen with $ signs.

jimglas | 11 June 2019

it should show up on your invoice

deemo | 12 June 2019

My invoice says "Free unlimited Supercharging will only apply to the original vehicle owner and only for the duration of original vehicle ownership."
, I pick it up Friday.

jochong88 | 13 June 2019

I have paid for my Tesla x more than 1 week and still have not heard from Tesla on delivery date yet? Tried to call them with no one answering the phone??

jjgunn | 13 June 2019

This is end of the quarter crunch.

Many people trying to take delivery to acquire the $3,750 fed tax credit. Which expires after June 30 2019.

An in person visit would be a billion times better than a phone call

davidholst74 | 13 June 2019

Had my inventory MX for a week now, FUSC. First three where free, got charged for my fourth.????

davidholst74 | 13 June 2019

Had my inventory MX for a week now, FUSC. First three where free, got charged for my fourth.????