Emergency Disconnect button on Charging Screen...Safety & Security Feature

Emergency Disconnect button on Charging Screen...Safety & Security Feature

How about adding Emergency Disconnect button to Charging Screen as Safety & Security Feature. If one felt threatened when charging at night & someone approached the car, you could disconnect and drive away without having to get out the the car. If you like this idea, Tweet, Text, E-mail, everyone you know at Tesla to see if they can get this feature added. | 15 March 2019

Requires a hardware change as it can't be done in just software. Added costs maybe $50-100 per new car, and maybe $300-600 as a retrofit. Not sure I see the need, and use would likely damage the Supercharger connector if used there as it hard drops to the ground. Perhaps Tesla can charge $500 per use at a Supercharger to recover the labor and parts cost of a cable replacement

David N | 15 March 2019

Nice idea but most likely not ever happening. With fastcharging advancing so quickly (Elon says 5 min gets you 70mi), more people charging (now you’re not alone at the charger), best bet is just remain alert

reed_lewis | 15 March 2019

If you were to drive away from a plugged in plug from a super charger, it would most likely cause damage to the plug, cable or even your car. Unless the car had an 'eject the plug' capability, they will never implement this.