Dear Seeking Alpha... Your Tesla Criticisms are VALID...

Dear Seeking Alpha... Your Tesla Criticisms are VALID...

... Until you drive one! These cars are will make you fall in love with them. It's not really just one feature except maybe AP which I'll mention in a bit.

The Spartan interior. Simplified controls in a great UI. The views through the all glass cockpits... It really is more of a cockpit. The Supercharger Network. The design language. The OTA updates. The performance. Experience it for any length of time and it will blow you away. For a lot of people that only requires a test drive.

The issue is the price. To change a lot of people to most people is a matter of cost. Most people can't drop a $2500 deposit or make car payments above $500. This is the one thing holding back true mass adoption. It's an issues that affects all battery powered cars. Tesla is doing a lot to change that and pricing continues to improve. Hopefully that continues and accelerates exponentially.

When the price is right, FSD is the "one more thing" Tesla needs to solidify itself. I think there's a value to being the first to do it right. FSD requires a level of trust that isn't easily won. Tesla having gone through the accidents and fails with early driver assistance features gives them a chance to launch the technology with a higher level of reliability first. Once people experience this convenience, it's going to be hard to go back to not having it.

Besides FSD, Tesla needs to refine the manufacturing process. No more rattles and panel gap stories on the net. I think patience for these issues starts to run out around 2020. By that point Tesla will be near the 10 year mark and should have worked those things out. That leads us into service and repairs.

A lot of attention on quick service and repairs is needed. I'm not talking about fixing a near totaled car. Rather minor normal things like fender benders, windshields and such need to get to the point where you drop off a car on Monday and it's ready for pickup by Friday.

Last but not least Tesla will need to better manage how new hardware features and pricing changes are handled. I don't know how to quantify the negative impact of the current methods but it isn't good right now. You can measure that by the sheer number of threads that pop up on these and other boards.

In any case I think the light at the end of the tunnel is finally coming into view. A "boring" Model Y announcement could be a good thing. It's an electric vehicle, that's not new anymore. It's a Tesla, the 5th one. The key ingredient here is delivering it not a "day" later than Elon said last night. And with the manufacturing and service issues addressed.

If Tesla tackles that and can have FSD ready for regulatory approval, in spite of the FUD, Tesla's future is very bright.

rxlawdude | 15 March 2019

Wow, a rational and well thought out post from Darth.


Mike83 | 15 March 2019

This is Darth?

SCCRENDO | 15 March 2019

The Russian troll masters have obviously not seen this. We need to try protect him. He obviously can think for himself at times.

SO | 15 March 2019

Account hacked!!!!

Darthamerica | 15 March 2019

Just calling it like I see it y'all... We disagree on a lot but it's good that we can all enjoy the cars!

carlk | 15 March 2019

Bumped your head while getting out of the car?

SCCRENDO | 15 March 2019

Everyone is turning on Trump. Mueller must have got to him.

Darthamerica | 15 March 2019

@Carlk no! As with other topics I'm just taking an objective critical view.

RedShift | 15 March 2019

Lookit, someone performed a full frontal lobotomy on Darth! It was a great success!

Kidding, kidding! Stay this way dude, I might still get to like you.

blue adept | 16 March 2019