Model Y, who is buying one?

Model Y, who is buying one?

I just saw pics of the model Y. It looks like someone blew into the 3 and made it taller. But I like it! Particularly with the big wheels and tires. I’m going to have to add it to my lottery list of cars I would buy it I had a bigger garage!

inconel | 15 March 2019

I ordered last night

jjgunn | 15 March 2019

Santa Elon will deliver Dec 25, 2020.


Madatgascar | 17 March 2019

I ordered one, but waiting to learn more. It should coincide with lease expiration on my X. I would prefer a Performance Y over the X (if only to lose the falcon wing doors), but there are a few things I won’t want to give up on the X. #1 is the power liftgate - my wife is too short to reach the open liftgate on the X and relies on the key fob to close it.

inconel | 18 March 2019

I believe the Y has powered liftgate. But it was not demoed at the unveil since they never opened the frunk or trunk.

dmm1240 | 18 March 2019

I have an X and love the FWD. Flummoxes me why some hate them so much.

jimglas | 19 March 2019

I don't "hate" them. I just don't like being a spectacle when I open my car door.

jimglas | 19 March 2019

@mad: Perhaps your wife will be able to reach the rear liftgate on the MY since it is smaller?

poloX | 20 March 2019

In 2 years, if I could trade my X in for a brand-new Y, hmmm I think I would do that if I don't have to pay any more out of pocket.. Trade in my 4 years old X for a new Y. What do you think?

lilbean | 20 March 2019

Good idea, I think.

jimglas | 21 March 2019

I would consider trading for a MY, but I would lose FUSC, so probably not

lilbean | 21 March 2019

Not happy about the 3 not having FUSC.

bonhari03 | 21 March 2019

I believe FUSC was only intended for the early adopter. In this case I mean early to the concept of driving electric. The 3 is a mainstream car designed for the mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great car. But most of the real growing pains were done by the time this car came out.