I now Have Tesla S,4 Tesla Power Walls ,Tesla Solar Panes and NOW 2019 X100D

I now Have Tesla S,4 Tesla Power Walls ,Tesla Solar Panes and NOW 2019 X100D

So I have finally did it and made the plunge Ordered My Tesla X Went with White my S is Obsidian Black cant wait to get it.

mikea | 16 March 2019

The X is great for road trips. Plenty of storage and seats 6 with no issues. You just need to find the right seat positions to distribute the space between the 3 rows. Have fun with it.

nipper2 | 17 March 2019

I can't wait I bought this one for my wife

inconel | 17 March 2019

Curious why you need 4 power walls. Are you fully disconnected from the grid, or do you experience lengthy power cutoff?

lilbean | 17 March 2019


nipper2 | 17 March 2019

@Inconel I suffer from Tesla Want not need. I know I have more back up then I might need. I do at times totally disconnect from the Grid just for the Hell of it but I did it just because I wanted It.

Clifspears | 17 March 2019

Congrats @nipper2... what area of the country do you live? I ask because I own a (weekend) home in Hendersonville NC on the side of a mountain that I would like to be able to take off the grid when needed or in a longer emergency situation and it has 2 wells (lots of free water) but pumps and filtration systems require power. Would love to know more about your experience and setup.

bob | 17 March 2019

congrats nipper2! Not to hijack this thread but relevant to the discussion, I found the link below earlier this week.

Looks to be a really cool solar to off-grid path.

jjgunn | 17 March 2019

From Dave Chappelle.....


nipper2 | 17 March 2019

Clifspears I live at the New Jersey shore

nipper2 | 17 March 2019

@jjgunn I am older then dirt but still work full time so I can enjoy my stuff

nipper2 | 17 March 2019

Clifspears Funny you say that I was looking to see if I could find a small place in NC just over the border from VA

burdogg | 18 March 2019

nipper2 - congrats! There are times that I wish Tesla wasn't around - I might actually see some of my paycheck....but then again - I wouldn't have S3X in the garage either :)

nipper2 | 18 March 2019

@burdogg I with you :)

inconel | 18 March 2019

The two of you together in the garage?

burdogg | 18 March 2019

Wait...what? Don't let my wife see any of this!

nipper2 | 19 March 2019

@Inconel yes will be fun I do have two chargers

inconel | 19 March 2019

Let the electric sparks fly!!!

burdogg | 19 March 2019

Tesla - see what mess you have gotten me into now :)

inconel | 20 March 2019

make sure Sentry mode in the 3 is not triggered and it starts recording whatever you two do in the garage ;-)

jjgunn | 20 March 2019

S3XY Time!

nipper2 | 21 March 2019

@jjgunn Onyy me and my wife unless I by my daughter one