Will Monday Price Increase change AP/FSD price??

Will Monday Price Increase change AP/FSD price??

Just wondering if the current $8000 price tag for AP/FSD for a new Tesla will change along with the Monday overall car price increase?

On Twitter, in the thread where Elon mentioned the price increase, people were complaining about the AP/FSD prices.. He responded with
"Those prices will revert to normal on Monday, too."

What does that mean? "Revert to normal?" $5000 for full AP/FSD? Or will it increase? What?

I figure if the car price goes up a few 1000$, and autopilot goes down a few 1000$, it's a wash. | 17 March 2019

Not sure it's been stated, but the assumption is the price will return to the pre-discount one of AP for $3K, and FSD for $5K (which requires AP or $8K total) on new orders.

Upgrade pricing is less clear, but for those who have EAP (cars purchased before Feb-28), EAP is likely $6K and FSD $4K (i.e. $1K over the original price at that time), There is reason to think those with EAP might be able to upgrade to FSD in the future for $3K, but that is less clear and it may depend when you bought the car.

Mdoss | 17 March 2019

That's the current price for new orders - $3000 for AP, $5000 for FSD ($8000 total). | 17 March 2019

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I don't expect new price to change - but one never knows.

ssphadnis | 17 March 2019

For new orders the $3000 for AP, $5000 for FSD ($8000 total), however, post purchase prices for these are significantly higher. So would the price to purchase FSD will shoot up to $7000 from Monday?