iPhone issue unlocking car

iPhone issue unlocking car

So I have my car in the shop today for a few things, but have been texting back and forth with the service advisor about why my iPhone Xs does not unlock the car always on approach. In those cases I need to wake the phone to unlock the car. His response was this:

"The iPhone X has been known to have issues with new versions of the firmware. Engineering is aware of this and that will be corrected with a future over the air update. Thank you"

Well, I guess it was not all in my head after all. Looking forward to that update in the future!

mcmack15 | 29 March 2019

Kary993, thank you for taking the time to update us on this topic-----greatly appreciated.

Kary993 | 29 March 2019

You are welcome!

FremontDave | 29 March 2019

Tell them to reduce the range of the walk-away locking please! : )))

Kary993 | 29 March 2019

I'll ask them if they can just read our minds and we can tell the car to lock and unlock by us just saying those words in our head! ;)

bruryan | 29 March 2019

Haven't noticed any problem with my car/iPhone. Unless I have the phone in my back pocket

lbowroom | 29 March 2019

0 issues with my XS Max so a generic, "The iPhone X has been known to have issues with new versions of the firmware" feels like a non specific cover all statement.

RichardKJ | 29 March 2019

I have only once had my iPhone X completely fail to open the car, but fairly often it is slow to react. If the door does not open immediately I keep the handle pulled out while I turn my body to bring the phone closer to the car and it eventually unlocks.

916M3P | 29 March 2019

I have the same issue with a iPhone 7. 9/10 i have to open the app to get the car to communicate.

Joho.keith | 29 March 2019

My iPhone SE has the same issue. I often (every other day it seems) need to pull the phone out of my pocket and wake it up for the doors to unlock. All the phone settings are correct.
Since it’s been raining steadily in the Bay Area, It’s not so fun. It’s my only complaint with the car. I had an S for 5 years and do miss the perfectly functioning fob. My concern is that a few years from now when phone hardware and software have evolved away from today’s bluetooth standards, this will be more of an issue. I guess we’ll see.

EVRider | 29 March 2019

My iPhone Xs works flawlessly, as does my wife's iPhone 6s. Some people have had Bluetooth issues, but it was not specific to any phone. If you have more than one Tesla, make sure the car that you're trying to get into is the one selected in the mobile app.

CASEMAN | 29 March 2019

I learned from someone on here not to walk up with my phone in my back pocket. Voila! 100% success when I have my phone in my hand. Talk about an easy fix! iPhone 6S Plus.

ODWms | 30 March 2019

I actually keep my iPhone X in my pocket upon approaching and rarely if ever have any issues.

bruryan | 30 March 2019

apparently, the signal is fairly weak and subject to blockage. So if you have your body between the phone and the car it's not going to communicate.

chrigel | 30 March 2019

I started to have the same issue on my iPhone XS with the latest OS and 8.3 on my M3. I paired the phone with the car again and it seemed to work a bit better.... but today it acted up again.

Very inconvenient. Tesla please fix it with 8.4.

BTW: Please also fix the music on the USB stick. Every time the car starts up, it has to reload the entire catalog. With 5k songs it takes a long time. Any fix for this?

drdonohue | 24 April 2019

I am having this issue with my wife's iphone XR. The car does not unlock until she wakes the car and clicks unlock on the Tesla app. Opens fine every time for my iphone 7 plus.

EVRider | 24 April 2019

@chrigel: The phone issue is not necessarily a Tesla issue. Neither my wife nor I are having issues using our iPhones.

We had the same USB loading issue, and you’ll be happy to hear it’s much improved in 2019.8.5.

r1200gs4ok | 17 June 2019

my wide’s iPhone Xs unlocks door when she approaches....My iPhone 6 plus does not.....i have to touch the handle and it opens

EVRider | 18 June 2019

@r1200gs4ok: You always have to use the handle to unlock the door with the phone key. What makes you think the car unlocks when your wife approaches it with her phone?

lbowroom | 18 June 2019

There is no traditional lock or unlock mechanism. The solenoid that opens the door is either powered or not.

rdh37 | 18 June 2019

Your "wide's", lol. I am fairly certain that you wife would not appreciate being referred to as a "wide." Not criticizing, just got a good laugh out of reading it (the typo). Have a nice day.

Franny | 18 September 2019

Thank goodness I found a forum somewhat related to my problem. My driver door does not open when I pull the handle with the phone in my pocket. The screen says "tap your key card". I read above that phone in the back pocket might be the issue. Have to try that today. But the weird thing is that while my door doesn't open, all the other 3 doors open just fine so passengers get in while I am locked out! Sometimes I open the back door on the driver side and then open my door and that works. So if my body between my phone and the car is the culprit, there is a lot more between my phone and the passenger door all the way across. I don't know why but I kind of don't like the idea of all the passenger doors being open. Any ideas anybody?

snathla | 20 September 2019

I started to have the same issue with my iPhone XS Max, it worked fine before some update and then problematic every so often.

They should also fix the range by locking the vehicle closer than what happens today.