Supercharging stopped in the middle

Supercharging stopped in the middle

Supercharging interrupted in the middle
I use supercharger about once every other week. Never had a problem in my local SC station. Last weekend, I traveled to Houston and charged the MX at the North West supercharge station. I happened to notice that after about 10 minutes charging, the monitor showed something like: the charge stopped, please check the power. I unplugged it, re-plugged it, within a minute, charging stopped again, the monitor showed: Ready to Charge. I then changed a charging stall, it happened once more. Frustrated, I once again unplugged it, re-plugged it. It then charged my car steadily for 35 min to the level I needed.
Have anyone experienced similar thing? Thanks.
Just searched issue online briefly, seems most time that similar thing happens while charging at home.

jimglas | 15 April 2019

the only time I have had problems is when I didnt "plug in" completely

eveningsun | 15 April 2019

had similar issue to the point that I did not want to keep restarting the charge and just left the station having just enough charge to get to the destination. Only happened 2 times in the last year, if I had to guess I'd say it's a rare issue with the supercharger, not the car

jjgunn | 15 April 2019

Yeah, I RAM that plug in there all the way when SuCh'ing - haha

When I come across anomalies from the SuCh station I've been reporting them to help get them resolved in a timelier manner. I believe they can resolve many of the issues remotely - obviously except for physical hardware failures

Redmiata98 | 15 April 2019

I always advocated calling Tesla to let them know they have a problem but with the long hold wait times it might be better to send them an email. This was listed as the preferred email address by someone else on this forum.

jjgunn | 16 April 2019

Along with RedMiata's suggestion, I've been e-mailing all three e-mail addresses - 1 of them usually responds eventually & creates a ticket to get the station serviced