Autonomy day Details?

Autonomy day Details?

Anybody have any details (time, webcast, etc.)?

hoffmannjames | 18 April 2019

No details other than what has already been announced. There was a tweet from someone seeing a Model 3 being used to record a FSD demo. So apparently the event will have a FSD demo video.

lilbean | 18 April 2019


stephenfootball | 18 April 2019


EVRider | 18 April 2019

When the details are available, they will be posted here: Right now there’s only a date and a Location link that goes nowhere.

TAC | 18 April 2019

The FSD deniers are like flat earthers. They just cant see it!

thedrisin | 18 April 2019

@TAC. Does that mean I will finally be able to nap on the way to my destination? Can't wait!

M3phan | 19 April 2019
lilbean | 19 April 2019

Ok, code spammer.

EVRider | 19 April 2019

Here’s a link to the details page for the event, but there’s still just a date and location, no time:

stephenfootball | 20 April 2019


rasinas | 20 April 2019

Would love to toss on some movies and let my car drive me to San Diego :)

Whdame | 20 April 2019

There will be a webcast and it starts at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 11: 00am Pacific time.

stephenfootball | 20 April 2019
EVRider | 21 April 2019