Enhanced Summon..For People With Enhanced AP or ONLY FSD?

Enhanced Summon..For People With Enhanced AP or ONLY FSD?

So I spoke with a lady today at Tesla and she pointed out something interesting to me. I'm not sure it's correct but she insisted it is. I have my Model 3 since August 2018 and have Enhanced Autopilot but not FSD. She said that the only ones that are going to get the Enhanced Autopilot are people that have FSD. Now, Enhanced Autopilot gives me regular Summon feature which I have been using. A friend of mine has the same setup as me and does NOT have FSD. Yet he was invited to try out the Enhanced Summon feature on his car and it was on his phone app. He had it for a few weeks but his phone is now back to version 8.5 software and it's no longer on his phone or car. Anyone else out there heard anything about whether people that have the original Enhanced Autopilot with regular Summon feature will be getting the new Enhanced Summon or is the lady at customer service correct in that only people with FSD get it?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 April 2019

EAP gets advanced summon : ).

Magic 8 Ball | 18 April 2019

Salesperson was probably confused with new purchases in which case you need AP + FSD for advanced (enhanced, whatever) summon.

tdwin2000 | 18 April 2019

Okay..Magic 8 Ball, that's what I was telling her. She insisted she was right. I saw him use it on his car. Pretty cool but it was going really slow and stops sometimes while in the. process to think a lot (even when he was holding down the button). Any ideas on when this will be rolling out to the general public?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 April 2019

The way it has gone in the past (talk of people, like early access people, having it) it seems like if it goes smooth we should be seeing it in a few weeks, or sooner. As with all releases YMMV.

EVRider | 19 April 2019

It’s surprising how often Tesla sales staff and other customer-facing staff don’t know what they’re talking about.

drewallen42 | 19 April 2019

I had a Ranger at my house Tuesday. He’s worked for Tesla about 3 years. He said when he first started they would cater lunch, have staff meetings, holiday parties, etc. Now it’s work as much OT as possible and things are changing daily. He mentioned somedays he would get an email on a change and when he got back to the Delivery Center it changed. He said it was much worse for the sales and delivery people.

I think things are changing so fast right now it’s more of a corporate issue vs the staff.

ebmcs03 | 19 April 2019

So it could have been changed that Enhanced Autopilot won’t get Enhanced Summon now?

tdwin2000 | 19 April 2019

I don't think that will change. Remember, the basic "autopilot" that was $3000 on the newest sales is now coming standard on the cars (at a higher priced car of $2500). WOW, a savings of $500. How about the people who actually don't care to have even the basic autopilot but would rather make that choice and have the option to buy the car $2500 less. The current FSD is where you get the Summon feature and the auto parking features (which used to come as Enhanced Autopilot if you purchased in 2018). I think us with Enhanced Autopilot will get it for FREE.

EVRider | 19 April 2019

Elon has already said people with EAP will get Enhanced Summon, so there would be a big backlash if he changed that.

SalisburySam | 20 April 2019

I have firmware 8.5 with EAP and FSD purchased with the car and present when delivered. I also have Retarded Summon, a little-known and very much unappreciated version of the feature that basically does absolutely nothing. Cannot keep connected to the vehicle (iPhone 7, current software) to complete a Summon cycle. For me, the Summon feature isn’t just a parlor trick, but a non-functioning one that I avoid trying to use in front of anyone else to save the embarrassment. Has been this way on all firmware EXCEPT the firmware the car was delivered with: 24.8, where Summon worked pretty well.

rmg007 | 20 April 2019

save embarrassment?