Car wash - Bay Area Model 3

Car wash - Bay Area Model 3

I've always handwashed my Model 3. But recently have wanted to take it somewhere to get washed. I live in the Bay Area/SV. Are there any places to take a Tesla for a car wash?

Magic 8 Ball | 19 April 2019

Thousands, get on yelp. If you decide to go with an automated car wash check the owner's manual for what TESLA recommends and read the warnings.

Haggy | 26 April 2019

I use Auto Pride Hand Carwash at 841 El Camino in Palo Alto.

rschmitt | 26 April 2019

Pacific Car Wash near the Pruneyard in Campbell is a really good middle ground between a detail shop and a mass wash shop. I take all my cars there.

JPPTM | 26 April 2019

Autopia in Walnut Creek

bcb2220 | 27 April 2019

2 bucket method with ONR is the best method and you save yourself a lot of money imo. also, having PPF and ceramic coating helps a LONG way so you don't have to maintain as much

gwolnik | 27 April 2019

I go to Detail Plus in Sunnyvale and they hand wash it.

ST70 | 27 April 2019

#@bcb2220- you are correct sir! I don't have PPF or coating...but 4 yrs in with 2 bucket and ONR and many Tesla washes...I'm good!

jrajpara9 | 4 May 2019

Has anyone found the problem with car shifting from "NEUTRAL" to "PARK" during belt driven car wash ? It worked for me for a few times but now I am having too much problem and the their belt shut down as soon as the car goes to Park position. I think the software is sensing that car is rolling and shifts to "P" position. This also happens when I am slowly rolling out of garage ?? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

zp | 4 May 2019

Touchless carwash Berkeley

zp | 4 May 2019

Touchless carwash Berkeley