Where did Satellite view go?

Where did Satellite view go?

Got my Model 3 a month ago and I love it, of course.
When I got it from Tesla, it showed 50 miles to the counter.
I loved the Satellite view on the dashboard.
About 3 weeks later the satellite images disappeared.I was left with a regular google maps look a like.
I did update to 8.5 when that came along and am now running 12.1.2.
I have read in the manual that there should be a little world icon in the bottom right of the map in order to change the map to satellite view. But mine doesn't have it.
I even got a Tesla appointment for a different issue and asked the main tech there if it was normal for me not to have the satellite anymore.
He got into my car and said I should have it. But he couldn't find it either. He blamed it on software updates. Saying to put in stuff and take away stuff.
But then I told him I had just driven a 12.1.1 M3 which had satellite.
So why did my car have Sat for 3 weeks and then lost it?
Was is a trial I didn't know that I had?
Was is a software update that took it away from me?
Is this normal to take away something that was on your car when you bought it?
My M3 was the range plus I think at the time. Second to last option. With autopilot bought post initial sale.

lordmiller | 10 May 2019

If you bought the cheaper standard range + then you did not pay for satellite view.
Partial Premium Interior Includes:

12-way power adjustable heated front seats
Premium seat material and trim
Upgraded audio – immersive sound
Standard maps & navigation

Jiver | 10 May 2019

SR+ (Partial Premium Interior) does not include Satellite View. Apparently the first batch of SR+ were sold with satellite view enabled when it was not supposed to be enabled. This has been corrected in the new software releases.

chezpaul | 10 May 2019

I see. Thanks for the answers.
Now I understand why I had it and then not.
I just read in a thread in here that they might offer it as a subscription. That would be cool.
I'll get ti then.

SalisburySam | 10 May 2019

@chezpaul, many kudos for actually RingTFM for this...most would not. And yes, satellite view is not part of your included interior options.

lbowroom | 10 May 2019

Something the "main tech" should have known.

4barkie | 10 May 2019

I have a LR RWD I purchased in 2018. I no longer have satellite images either. Not sure when mine disappeared as I don't usually use it.

lbowroom | 10 May 2019

I suspect you just have it turned off.

casun | 11 May 2019

i have a strange, checkerboard thing going on. half satellite view half not.

Ocala.Joe | 11 May 2019

I also am waiting for Tesla to offer the upgraded maps, I think Tesla will do well selling that upgrade.

EVRider | 12 May 2019

@Ocala.Joe: The satellite view doesn’t use upgraded maps, just higher bandwidth provided by the premium connectivity option.

Rickngrace | 7 December 2019

So I purchased my std range plus with partial upgraded interior and they have me the premium connectivity free until January 7th, 2020. They say if I subscribe, I will get satellite view. Wondering why I don't get it now with the free trial subscription? I get careoke and live traffic. Thx!

jsu317 | 7 December 2019

I have subscribed the Premium Connectivity but both satellite view and live traffic info are not shown.

Rickngrace | 7 December 2019

That's interesting because the email I received from Tesla letting me know my trial period is ending shows a list of what you get with the monthly subscription, and satellite and live traffic are checked as included....thx jsu17

MAB1980 | 7 December 2019

It’s harder to read in aerial mode anyway, IMO.

Rickngrace | 7 December 2019

Just found satellite mode! I had to hide my music channel screen completely and it revealed the 3 buttons on the lower right. I always had about an inch of my music screen showing and could still see the one button for supercharing stations but that was it....

andyr33 | 27 December 2019

Thanks Rickngrace. I just spent about 15 minutes trying to enable satellite view before I read your post