Lost Family Heirloom @ SuperCharger

Lost Family Heirloom @ SuperCharger

Hey all, may have lost a generational gold and initialed bracelet @ the Roseville/
Concord supercharger, if anyone comes across it please give me a shout @ 916-250-0990. Much appreciated, and God Bless!

p.c.mcavoy | 12 May 2019

You might want to visit the site. If you click on the Roseville/Concord location on their map, it will pop up a "Discuss" link. This will take you to a page on TMC for that specific location. I'd suggest posting your comment there as possible someone near that specific site might be able to check or let you know.

Tessa75D | 12 May 2019

Much appreciated!

kerryglittle | 14 May 2019

Any luck yet Tessa75D? I imagine you searched the whole car in and around the seats. Amazing what can get lodged in that area. I lost a credit card awhile ago and couldn't find it. Took some friends out for a spin one day and the one guy wanted to see it launch ( back when we actually had launch, LOL) When I slowed down a lady in the back seat said a credit card flew onto her foot from the front seat. Was kinda funny.

booshtukka | 14 May 2019

Things can disappear inside and down the back of the shelf under the screen. That's worth an explore.

Tessa75D | 17 May 2019

Thanks for the heads up all, I’ll be diving deep into the console and sides this evening!