Model X AP1 Update 2019.12.1.1 Summons Tight Spaces Super Buggy

Model X AP1 Update 2019.12.1.1 Summons Tight Spaces Super Buggy

2016 MX, previously on firmware 2018.50.6. Summons with tight garage worked great. We could stand any where near the car and summons into or out of the garage (standing in garage, outside, etc).

Brought in for service, updated to 2019.12.1.1. Summons is now a major effort to make it work (many re-tries, summons stalls). We now have to stand on drivers side to start summons into forward garage spot. Summons for garage exit: while standing in garage near front of car, summons will sometimes properly execute. Summoned the MX for garage exit & stopped in between doors, not enough clearance to open any door. Only able to move the car after finding correct spot to stand near driver side. Very annoying when you are on a time schedule in morning on the way to drop kids off, work, etc (life).

Tesla - please do a better job of testing. Allow users to roll back, possibly toggle certain portions of updates back to prior behavior. | 16 May 2019

I haven't tried it, but I think Summon is being totally reworked. Old system used only ultrasonic sensors, while I thought Tesla said they were switching to mostly (all?) camera operation. I thought the camera version was what Enhanced Summon is (and not released yet), but perhaps they are rolling out part of it now? The idea is cameras will deal with situations the old ultrasonic system handled poorly (i.e. poles and cement columns). Sounds like it needs more work.

mathwhiz | 16 May 2019

Not sure I get why there's any change to the substance of the "Summon" feature, in cars with Autopilot version 1 hardware... That code should be pretty much frozen, except for bug fixes, no?

Oh and, it may seem a small issue but to the OP, a "summons" is something you get from a court of law. It's a pet peeve... :~ Also, the 'rollback ... of "certain portions of updates' is a fantasy. Sorry... Better testing, yes. | 16 May 2019

@mathwhiz - Good catch - I totally missed that it was an AP1 car. Ok, ignore my post above unless you have AP2.

AnonymousEV | 16 May 2019

re: 2019.12.1 + AP1 Summons. Summons via key fob works correctly, standing anywhere (didn't on previous build). App via summons requires you to stand near car on drivers side.

> Also, the 'rollback ... of "certain portions of updates' is a fantasy.

If you are familiar with modular software development; it's not a tall ask to implement.

PawelSokolowski | 6 June 2019

I have AP2.0, and most of the time summon does not work at all. It has problem connecting the car, even when I am keeping my phone inside the car through the opened window.

Vawlkus | 7 June 2019

Try standing near the mirrors, that’s where the antennas are for best reception.