Cruise Control Not Smooth

Cruise Control Not Smooth

On many occasions the cruise will suddenly slow down then speed up for no apparent reason. This usually happens when there is a slower car in front of me in an adjacent lane, even on a clear straight highway. It has also happened on a 2-lane road when a car approaches me. Again, straight clear road. I can also feel very minor slowdowns and speedups at random times, like the system is hunting for the correct speed. (As if the "D" is set too high in the PID loop.)

Anyone else experiencing this?

I have a Charger R/T with adaptive cruise which is what I'm judging it by, and the Charger's cruise is and always has been smooth as silk.

Lorenzryanc | 17 May 2019

It may be super cautious and assume the car will cut you off. It may have speed limit changes different from the road. It'll drop fast or speed up fast depending on limit changes in the computer. Try changing following distance to 5 or more and see if things are smoother. Also, see if the car is just as reactive on a highway at 55mph+.

derotam | 17 May 2019

Yes I see this all the time in one particular area of my commute. The car's TACC starts actively tracking a vehicle in an adjacent lane. Like Lorenzryanc said, it is probably misidentifying it as a vehicle trying to cut in.

singhh | 17 May 2019

Yes, it happened to me several times. However every time there was car in right or left lane. I’m also concerned about it. I will changing distance setting from 4 to 5, to see if that help. Thanks