using Model 3 to power a television?

using Model 3 to power a television?

On Sunday I am taking the car to an event and would like to run an LCD TV using my Model 3. Have any of you folks attempted this? If so, any suggestions or recommendations (power inverter, setup, etc) for me?


suddled | 17 May 2019

Well, if you can use the 12v plug in the center console then that's your best bet. It is not recommended to try and use the actual onboard battery though. This thread or others may have some more info for you:

jordanrichard | 17 May 2019

Well, at the very least you will need one of those transformers that plug into the 12V power outlet because everything in the car is DC and TVs run on AC. With that said, I don’t know that there will be enough power to run a TV which will probably require the use of an extension cord.

posinator | 17 May 2019

consider getting a 12VDC TV, like for an RV, more efficient than transforming/inverting then retransforming

CharleyBC | 17 May 2019

We have one of those 12V DC to 120V AC inverter thingies that we use mostly for running computers in our cars. I have my doubts whether it's beefy enough for a big TV. Wanna borrow it if you're local (Sacramento)?

wiboater4 | 18 May 2019

If you don't need a large screen you could just use a 17 inch laptop. They make TV tuners that turn the laptop into a TV.

ODWms | 18 May 2019

Or, an iPad. We know for a fact that'll run on the car's power with no adapters or transformers or anything.