Help... Troubleshooting Corded Mobile Connector, not charging

Help... Troubleshooting Corded Mobile Connector, not charging

I've read the Corded Mobile Connector User Manual and need help interpreting the TROUBLESHOOTING CHART:

1) When it refers to RED LIGHTS flashing, is that when Mobile Connector is PLUGGED into vehicle or just when plug end is into Nema 14-50 wall outlet?

2) When pressing the RESET button, manual instructs us to disconnect the Connector from the vehicle. Should I leave the other end plugged into Nema Wall outlet?

3) what is meant by..." if problem persists disconnect the Mobile Connector from the vehicle and Cycle the power? How do I cycle the power?

Thanks for all help.

lilbean | 18 May 2019

Just guessing but I think 1) when it’s plugged into the vehicle 2) leave it plugged into the NEMA 3) power the car off from the service page. That’s what I would do.

Saxman | 18 May 2019

Hi Lilbean, nice to hear from you. Your thoughts were the same as mine, but I wanted some other opinions. Thanks for your input.

I'm nervous about getting my Charging back before the battery goes to zero, since I'm in TX and my X is in CO. I won't be in CO till July 1st.

I have a neighbor hopefully going to my CO home tomorrow and help me access the situation over the phone.

lilbean | 18 May 2019

:o) Hi!

jimglas | 18 May 2019

1. Sell home in TX
2. Move back to CO

Saxman | 19 May 2019

Thanks Jimglas,

3) None of the of both worlds


bp | 19 May 2019

First, since your vehicle is sitting for an extended period, I recommend you move it to a 110 outlet instead of the 14-50 - since you don't need the faster charging, and you should be less likely to have charging problems on a 110 outlet. A 110 outlet will provide enough power to overcome "vampire" drain while parked.

If the UMC that came with the car is available, recommend attaching the 110 adapter and use that to plug into a 110 outlet instead of using the 14-50 CMC.

That should keep the car charged until you can get home and diagnose the problem.

Saxman | 19 May 2019

Thanks BP,
That sounds like great advise. While waiting for a local neighbor to help me out, I've been experiencing vampire drain of about 10 miles a day. My battery SOC as of now is 25%.

I do have the included UMC in my Frunk, which has never been used.

What is meant in the CMC User Manual by Power cycling the CMC, when Troubleshooting?

Vawlkus | 22 May 2019

Basically you power cycle the UMC by unplugging it and plugging it back in again. An alternative is to flip the breaker off and then back on, but I don’t recommend that unless you’re comfortable with your main breaker panel.

The red light on the UMC will only show up while the charger is plugged into the wall, being plugged into the car will do nothing without the wall connection to power the charger.

bp | 23 May 2019

If you enable all of the energy savings features, you should be able to reduce the vampire drain to 2-3 miles per day. Though as the charge level continues to drop, you'll soon reach the point when the software will do this for you automatically.

Plug into a 110 outlet before the charge level drops below 10% - and that should provide enough charge to slowly build up charge, even with 10 mile-per-day vampire drain.

Saxman | 25 May 2019

@Vawlkus & @BP

Thank you both for your input.

My neighbor went to my house & was my eyes to troubleshoot the situation.

Based on the CMC User Guide, when the Red Light flashes 3 times it's a "Contactor Failure". If unplugging the CMC from vehicle doesn't clear the issue, the CMC needs to be replaced.

I had my neighbor swap out my purchased CMC, with the UMC included with the MX, and use the 110 plug adaptor.

So far that has done the trick. I set Charger to 80%, which is the level my battery is now.

An interesting aside I discovered. Just prior to my happy resolution, I called Tesla and explained the entire situation about me being 1100 miles from my vehicle and not returning until July 1st. They informed me that I could schedule a Mobile Ranger to my CO home even though it's 120 miles from the Denver Service location. And even without me being there, as long as Ranger had access to my vehicle.

How great is that! Had I known that before, I would have been less stressed out about have a 0% SOC, upon my return.