Supercharger in Portland, Maine

Supercharger in Portland, Maine

So I understand that a Supercharging location is set for Portland, ME. I believe this is set at 295 Forest Avenue in the Hannaford Supermarket parking lot. We currently have an eVGo currently in operation. I took a picture of the construction going on but wish I could paste the photo or confirm I am correct. Anyway I am glad to see progress. Here in Maine we are also installing a number of DC Fast and level 2 chargers through a number of highway corridors up to Canada and along the Interstate 95 corridor. Monies from the VW settlement fund is being used here.

jerrykham | 20 May 2019

According to it is at 295 Forect Avenue and has been under construction for 26 days.

jordanrichard | 20 May 2019

From what I have seen/read about those EVA charging sites is they seem to be located at Walmarts and not all of the charging stalls can be used by all EVs. Meaning, any Tesla can use a Tesla charger no matter what size battery it has. So while EVA likes to state they have 6 charging stalls, your particular EV may only be able to utilize 2 of them, IF they aren’t already taken up by 2 other cars like yours.

Just back to the Walmart connection, what kind of dinner can one get at Walmart?

TabascoGuy | 20 May 2019


kcheng | 20 May 2019

Interesting, makes some sense, but I thought it was supposed to be on Franklin St.

Ocala.Joe | 21 May 2019

Watching for the Medway one to get underway.