Tesla cams+LTE to scan plates to find/report stolen cars for bounty

Tesla cams+LTE to scan plates to find/report stolen cars for bounty

How about using Tesla cameras + LTE to scan vehicle plates & help find and automatically report stolen cars? If you help find one, you get free supercharging for a year, courtesy of Crime Stoppers. Bet it won't take more than 0.01% of CPU/bandwidth.

Tropopause | 29 May 2019

Can also use it to report speeding and other traffic infractions. Just think how popular Tesla owners would be with the general population. ;)

Model 3 LR DM | 29 May 2019

I know, I also thought of that. However, while speeding a minor traffic violation, a stolen car is personal property theft - a criminal offense. | 29 May 2019

What until the AI does facial recognition on the streets. Every owner can become a bounty hunter! The more you drive the more you make....

Then there will be the RoboHunter. After your car drops you off to work, with FSD your car can take off to look for bounty hunter loot! Once the police are alerted to the bounty, you can double down by selling the video of the arrest to YouTube!

See if we can arrest all those with overdue library books! | 29 May 2019

Ok, this is getting too close to Orwell's 1984 :(

sosmerc | 29 May 2019

I think we may already "be there".....with regards to 1984. Some good.....but some BAD.

Tesla2018 | 29 May 2019

How about anti theft mode that locks car thief in and drives criminal directly to jail. Or Thelma and Louise mode if you want to put in a theft claim on your insurance and get a new car while seeing the car thieves go off a cliff to their deaths.

jimglas | 30 May 2019

I second Thelma and Louise mode ….