made a youtube video of my experience of body shop repairs

made a youtube video of my experience of body shop repairs

flight505 | 8 June 2019

this is what happened to me.

NKYTA | 8 June 2019

Excellent! | 8 June 2019

@flight - Thanks flight - cool to see all the work being done, price comparisons with other cars, fast Tesla parts delivery and more! Really well put together.

You're lucky on the labor rates at around $50/hr. In the Bay area, body shops rates are now hovering arround $90/hr. Some people forget the labor is the same for a $20K Ford, a $50K Tesla or $150K Mercedes. Interesting that Tesla parts costs are in line with GM/Ford, while Europe and Asia car parts are more expensive.

danbry39 | 9 June 2019

Comforting to know that the repairs on the Tesla could be comparable to those of other mainstream cars. Really nice investigative video. You really asked the right questions and the shop owner was amazingly generous with his time, honestly, and willingness to answer.

Resist | 9 June 2019

I went to a local body shop and they said they couldn't work them, because they aren't certified and just couldn't get the parts.

Anthony J. Parisio | 10 June 2019

Great video! Thanks.

Many times businesses give excuses like that because they don’t want to take on the liability. Even as a hairstylist I will use an excuse to get out of a possible expensive high liability service. An example would be the possibility of very long hair breaking during a straightening process. It’s nicer to say “I’m not trained in that process” than to say “I’m not will to take the risk of you suing me if the worst case scenario happens.”

carlk | 10 June 2019

Thank you for making the video. We need more like this. Like Cody Willard said after his research most negative things you heard about Tesla were fake. You don't know how far those people would go to do these things.