Horrible Customer Service Experience at Tesla Service Center

Horrible Customer Service Experience at Tesla Service Center

I had a very bad experience during my 1st visit to a Tesla service center. I believe the service center broke/cracked my windshield during my repair and they told me that they would not fix it. I spoke to the manager and he said the mechanic noted there was a mark on my windshield when he started the repair. However, I am sure there wasn't and this issue was not highlighted to me because no one from the Tesla service center ever did a walk through with me before or after I picked up the vehicle. When I received the vehicle, I even told the service center in the parking lot but was told the manager had left for the day and he would call me back the following day. He never called me back but after calling multiple times I was finally able to talk to him at the Santa Clara Tesla Service Center and he told me even if the damage occurred during the visit he couldn't help because Tesla was not liable (since the mechanic listed the issue on the paperwork). The service I was having done was to replace the passenger side airbag and that is in the same place as the new huge crack in the windshield so it seems obvious to me that the damage occurred during the service. The manager also told me the crack was started on the outside of the windshield which I don’t agree with and believe is incorrect. To summarize, I took my car into a Tesla Service center to get warranty/recall repair work done and the windshield was undamaged when I dropped it off…then I picked it up and there is a huge (larger than 1 foot long) crack in my windshield immediately after the service.

This is utterly ridiculous and I am very disappointed in Tesla and their customer service. I will most likely not be back at a Tesla service center unless I have to and am so upset that I don’t plan to purchase from Tesla again. I feel betrayed by my former favorite brand. Worst customer service I have ever experienced with any product!

rxlawdude | 11 June 2019

Cost containment writ large.

dmm1240 | 11 June 2019

I have a tough time buying any of this. Every time I've taken my Tesla in for service the FIRST thing they do is a walk around. The service tech even spotted a couple of small scratches in the paint I hadn't noticed the last time I was in.

Maybe I happen to live next to the most competent, friendly, helpful, courteous — all that Boy Scout creed stuff — Tesla service center in the whole world. The big outlier. I doubt it.

TabascoGuy | 11 June 2019

@dmm1240, maybe you need to go in there stomping your feet with an arrogant/demanding/pissy attitude and then threaten to boycott them for life if all your needs and wants aren't immediately satisfied, someone makes a mistake, or, the slightest thing goes awry. That'll fix em.

jimglas | 12 June 2019

sell your car and buy a kia
problem solved

Tesla-David | 12 June 2019

Hard to believe OP's rant. Certainly not my experience at Seattle SC over past ~7 years. They have always been exceptionally helpful in going all out to satisfy any issues I had with our MS. They even gave my MS an exhaustive check before our cross country trip as a courtesy. Best service on any car I have owned bar none.

andy.connor.e | 12 June 2019

I see trash like this posted on the forums all the time. You know that its fake when the OP never comes back to post a follow up comment.

Uncle Paul | 12 June 2019

It could very well be that there was a chip on the edge of the glass. If they put your car on a lift, lifted it with a jack or even pushed hard on it from the inside, that chip might have turned into a crack.

It take a tremendous amount of force to break a front laminated windshield. Technician would certainly known if they had done that and ordered a new windshield to be replaced on them.

You could probably get an unbiased view of just what happened by taking it to Safelite or another glass place and asking them to take a look at the crack and give their opinion of what might have been the cause.

It may well have been that your windshield cracked during the repair, but also that it was a pre-existing chip that caused it to happen and not the fault of the technician.

If the technician noted that they saw a chip on the windshield prior to working on the car, perhaps the simple answer is that was the cause of the crack.

Uncle Paul | 12 June 2019

As a side issue. Why were you having your passenger airbag replaced. Something you don't hear much about happing. | 12 June 2019

@Uncle Paul - I'm sure it was for the recall on some cars, and not going off.

Enzodriver | 12 June 2019

What I do with all my cars is to carry out a walk around with my smart phone on video mode when dropping off on the forecourt, not 100% but as near as dam it.

Tropopause | 12 June 2019

Where'd the OP go?

danielchavarria | 13 June 2019

many questions - few answers

zachsiwik | 13 June 2019

I'm not making any of this up but just trying to share with others so they know this can happen. Believe what you would like to

SO | 13 June 2019

@zachsiwik - how much is this windshield repair going to cost you?