Model S Owner's Manual Updated

Model S Owner's Manual Updated

FYI, the PDF version of the Model S Owner's Manual was updated on May 16 (firmware version 2019.16.1.1):

The Model 3 manual was updated at the same time:

I assume the X manual was updated too, but I don't own one so I didn't look.

Aerodyne | 12 June 2019

Thanks EV...the dog mode instructions are now included.

sldelta58 | 14 June 2019

Is there a printed Owners Manual that can be bought?

p.c.mcavoy | 15 June 2019

@sldelta58 - Not aware of a printed one you can buy, but it is available as a .pdf on-line. If you want it printed, you could take that to someplace like PIP or other printers and have it printed/bound.

I've downloaded to my iPad and Laptop. Find that that to be a very nice way to use the manual. Allows me to search, and with the iPad, I can actually use the main display to go through the menus while referencing the manual.

Haggy | 17 June 2019

I went through it, and for the most part there's not much notable that I can remember. For the most part, it documented things that anybody who did an update would have seen in release notes. For the Model 3, that was quite extensive. For the Model S, there wasn't all that much.

What stood out to me is consistent with what Tesla said about not recommending routine annual maintenance. It now says that the coolant for the battery should normally last a lifetime. Tire rotations are now at 10-12,000 miles.

The other maintenance items are about the same. Check brake fluid every two years, and change it if it fails a test. Cabin filters have the same recommendation as before, I think, but I wouldn't swear to it.

They did add a recommendation for brake service (check and lubricate something) every 12,500 miles but only for areas with certain bad weather. If you live somewhere cold, snowy and with salt on the road, double check what it says.

gilsnolan | 20 June 2019

I printed out the entire manual - 200 pages. It contains too much information. Is there an abbreviated version that is available?

barrykmd | 20 June 2019

What don't you want to know?

sbeggs | 21 June 2019

You are so droll!