Free Supercharging Promised - Not delivered

Free Supercharging Promised - Not delivered

Bought our second Model S in late Dec 2018 with a promotion of "three years free supercharging". Sometime in late Jan 2019 I noticed in our Tesla account that we only had six months free supercharging. After five months of numerous e-mails and calls, I'm still waiting for a resolution. Any others with a similar issue?

NKYTA | 13 June 2019


GHammer | 13 June 2019

Are you actually getting charged for supercharging? I wouldn't worry about it until you do. My Model 3 account has mostly shown pay-per use supercharging but I have never been charged ( I have a performance with lifetime free supercharging).

EVRider | 14 June 2019

What were the specifics of the 3-year free supercharging deal? Was that for inventory cars only?

Johnandmim | 19 June 2019

Yes, ironically I just noticed that mine was scheduled to expire tomorrow. After a brief panic, I headed to my dealership and the manager acknowledged that all was OK. Seems a code is to be inserted by a Tesla employee and service will automatically resume. An email was supposedly sent back in December acknowledging this action.