Ranger service vs valet service and cost/mile

Ranger service vs valet service and cost/mile

What is the cost per mile for Ranger service; where the tech comes to your house to fix car?

Then there is valet service where they drive a loaner car to your house, drive your car to service center ; fix the car and then drive your car back to your house.

Is the valet the same cost per mile?

bp | 14 June 2019

Valet service costs at least 2X staff time due to the round trip by the staff member providing the valet service.

Ranger/mobile service should be more efficient, since the staff member will likely be driving less to do multiple service appointments per day. Plus there isn't a loaner vehicle.

Tesla's strategy to use mobile service for 75-80% of maintenance could be a game changer - providing service when & where is most convenient for customers, rather than relying on a small number of service locations.

s.grot | 14 June 2019

Thing is they won’t do rear hatch glass replacements; need to bring to S.C. and wait 4 hrs for glue to dry. SC is 122 miles away

Tldickerson | 14 June 2019

Maybe Safelite Auto Glass will come to your house s.grot

Mathew98 | 14 June 2019

Safelite won't work on Tesla models.

I thought any body shops can handle windshiel replacements. Can't Tesla ship one to your local body shop?

reed_lewis | 14 June 2019

In Massachusetts I have had my windshield replaced twice (both times rocks have hit it) by JN Phillips. They do it in their store which is local because it is more complicated than most other cars, but they have done it and it has always been great service.

I do not know about the rear hatch though.

s.grot | 14 June 2019

Good idea guys Safelite was quite confused about it when I called them got the run around finally they admitted they could do it in their shop but now waiting for part. We will see where it goes.Tesla wanted $3/mile 4 times for the 125 miles to the service center, so I though that was a bit steep, since 2 of the times they are using my car!

s.grot | 14 June 2019

Oops my mistake, they wanted $3/mile only 2 times or $750 for the valet service

s.grot | 19 June 2019

Safelite just came through with the glass said they can do it; we will see Friday

Tldickerson | 20 June 2019

Good luck s,grot, I'm sure they will do a great job. I did auto glass for 40 years until I retired. Both of my son's still do it. Nothing has really changed as far as how it's installed so I wouldn't worry.