Model S Autopilot

Model S Autopilot

I live in Sydney and have a 2019 Model S, have to say it's the best car I have ever owned and I feel like a 9-year-old kid on Christmas morning every day! Well you all know that if you have one I guess, so I'm preaching to the converted!
However, somedays Autopilot is just not available and the Tron-like cars disappear and I just see a zoomed in Model S in the central display. This happens sporadically and when it does happen, even a reboot won't bring it back. Has anyone else experienced this, is it a fault or is my car sometimes just plain grumpy?

EVRider | 19 June 2019

Yes, other people are seeing this (but not everyone), and it’s almost certainly a software bug. Some have reported that turning off Sentry Mode might help.

mrbadog | 20 June 2019

I have the same issue and I had recently turned on sentry mode. sounds like its time to turn it off