Cruise Control and Various other issues

Cruise Control and Various other issues

) Issues I’m experiencing with my 2019 S were never encountered with my 2015 S. I’m experiencing numerous aggravating issues with the 2019, from AC cutting on/off while driving, screen going blank and/or freezing, braking erratically and/or very rough.
) However, two situations I encounter and consider extremely dangerous involve using Cruise Control. While using it in a “construction zone”, flowing with the traffic it will automatically reduce the “set” speed as much as 15 MPH to the “recommended” speed (I guess). Cars behind me go into a panic, hit brakes change lanes dangerously. It’s not consistent, not all zones are affected. And on holidays, when no one’s working, they still drop the speed. Only the technicians seem to know about this update. I’d like to have it removed.
) The second dangerous situation occurs when attempting to move to a lane where another vehicle is in your “blind” side view (vehicle shows up red). My vehicle begins lunging back and forth, trying to decide whether to slow down or speed up. Vehicles behind become concerned, braking etc. If I accelerate to move in front of the other vehicle, mine will slow down as much as 1 to 2 MPH, panicking the vehicle I moved in front.

murphyS90D | 19 June 2019

I don't know what is happening but as a safety comment you should be able to override any slowdown by pressing on the accelerator pedal. | 19 June 2019

Best not to use/trust AP in a construction zone - but it sounds like it is doing the right thing - slowing to the construction zone speed limit. Are you really going 15+ mph beyond the construction zone speed limit?

I haven't seen the second item. May be dependant on how tight the traffic is. Remember, you're still responsible - it's not FSD yet so if it is doing something odd - take control. Yep, would be nice if it was perfect, but still a ways to go.

Johnandmim | 19 June 2019

)Yes I override immediately when it slows.
)I'm using "cruise control" only. Yes, traffic flows at 65MPH-no observable posted speed on this stretch and numerous others. Your Tech was in the car when it happened on a test run. Same or similar speed reductions at other sites. If I was the only car on the road, OK! But I'm not, getting rear-ended could result in a death. I'd like the option of turning it off. Cannot believe a daily updated map will suffice-as explained by my Tech. Any literature on this-service personnel totally unaware.
)Tech was also in the car when I demonstrated this lane change danger. Again, while on Cruise Control only. Advised to not use turn signals.
I had presented time stamps, pictures etc. Unfortunately, all too typical answer, "unable to confirm". Informed that in all responses, "vehicle performing to standards, etc". Are you saying, cruise is in Beta? Technology is great when it works, but when it doesn't, it shouldn't kill you!

EVRider | 19 June 2019

TACC without Autosteer is not supposed to adjust your speed based on changing speed limits, so something is not right here.

Johnandmim | 19 June 2019

Thank You!
No one, except for the techs are even aware of this "safety" feature of speed reduction in construction zones.
You might sense, I'm a bit frustrated with these issues and others along with the lack of a proper responses or support. I'm a true believer in Tesla, but my patience is wearing thin. I'm concerned that the goal has moved from producing the best electric vehicle to the "most"!

EVRider | 20 June 2019

I’ve driven through construction zones with both TACC and Autosteer enabled, and my car has never slowed down. Maybe this is a new feature that hasn’t been documented yet (it’s not mentioned in the latest manual). I wouldn’t put too much stock in what the techs tell you, because unfortunately they are often misinformed.