Road noise

Road noise

During our longish trip this past weekend we experienced the cabin noise on the freeway which I had thought was wind noise. During the trip we traveled on California freeways which are generally concrete with small grooves to handle rain run off. On some freeways though they were black top perfectly smooth. On those surfaces the noose went down to almost nothing. So I am guessing the noise is not wind noise but rather the tire noise. I have the 20” wheels with Michelin’s. Have others notices this same thing?

CharleyBC | 21 June 2019

I agree. The car is pretty aerodynamic. The biggest source of high-speed noise is tires. I love it when we hit new asphalt. We have 18s with the original Michelin tires.

FISHEV | 21 June 2019

Model 3 is a road noisy car. Some have gotten good results changing to tires that are rated as quieter.

ochow | 21 June 2019

On my model 3, there is a small gap between trunk lid and the back window - the seal is not working, the noise is coming from the trunk. When rain hard and park up hill, water can leak into the trunk.

jjgunn | 21 June 2019

Model 3 is ultra quiet....depending on the surface you're driving

Can't do much about where the rubber meets the road

zcd1 | 21 June 2019

The road noise is extremely surface-dependent.

Concrete is noisy.

Smooth asphalt is basically silent.

pkmantmc | 21 June 2019

The highway with tiny noodle-like grooves is pretty bad in general. It not only generates noise, it can also sway the car. I have to live with it daily and it affects all the cars.

CharleyBC | 21 June 2019

“Can't do much about where the rubber meets the road”

I’m looking forward to release 2019.33, which will have Levitation Mode.

Kary993 | 21 June 2019

I think 2019.34 will have amphibious mode :) Elon talked about it during the shareholders meeting!