A Little Good News on Fighting Climate Change

A Little Good News on Fighting Climate Change

Both quotes are pulled from Clean Technica.

Renewables Outpaced Coal In US For First Time In April
CleanTechnica is a little late with this story, but as the old expression goes, “Better late than never. (Almost no one knows the rest of that famous adage is “But better never late.) So here’s the news. According to the Energy Information Administration, in April renewables accounted for 23% of the total supply of electricity in the United States while the amount from coal was only 20%. The IEA defines renewables as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass.

Los Angeles & 8minute Solar Announce 25-Year PPA At Under 2 Cents Per kWh!
When Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced his city’s Green New Deal in April — a plan that will accelerate its zero emissions and renewable energy goals — his words were welcomed by the Sierra Club and other climate activists. Now the city’s Department of Water and Power has presented a proposal that will help turn those words into reality.

If approved, the city will enter into a 25-year power purchase agreement for 400 MW AC/530 MW DC of solar electricity at a price of 1.997 cents per kWh — the lowest price yet for solar power in the US. Adding a 100 MW/200 MWh battery will cost an additional 1.3 cents per kWh. The project includes the option to add 50 MW/200 MWh of energy storage for 0.665 cents per kWh more.

The project, known as the Eland Solar & Storage Center, will be built in two 200 MW AC phases in Kern County north of the city and proud home of beautiful downtown Bakersfield. In the second phase, the size of the battery storage component may double. In an e-mail to PV Magazine, 8minute Solar says there is no price escalator clause that applies to the second phase of the project.

The battery storage can be used to meet the late afternoon, early evening surge in energy demand that occurs on a daily basis. There is a possibility it may also be used to meet some of the early morning increase in demand. Using stored electricity means there is no need to ramp up gas fired peaker plants, which is good news for the environment.

sabbia | 1 July 2019

Good news indeed!

jpcollins9 | 1 July 2019

This is significant since the reported distribution and admin costs for utility generated power is in the $.06-.07 per kWh range. For states that have restrictive covenants against privately generated solar power (Alabama for one), does this model work there? The numbers certainly do. The political pushback, maybe not.

Tesla-David | 1 July 2019

Thanks @dmm1240 great news indeed! We just passed the one year anniversary since turning on our two Powerwall-2 batteries, which are the perfect complement to our 13.2 kWh solar PV system installed in 2012. We are currently exporting 72 percent of our solar energy back to grid after supplying all our energy needs for our all electric home and charging our two Tesla's (MS and M3). They have worked as advertised and then some, and supply all our electricity needs when the sun goes down until sunup the following day. Totally winnable combination.

jimglas | 1 July 2019

but trump digs coal ...... | 1 July 2019

@MitchP85D - Just hope you're not dead from all that overpriced coal and related pollution before you get on the solar bandwagon. Not sure why some love being ripped off paying high power prices, when better lower-priced alternatives are available today. Strange.

SamO | 1 July 2019

Let's sit back and see if solar works?

lulz. this is what passes for deep thinking "conservatives".

Wonder if you'll run out of sun before we run out of coal?

Double lulz.

rxlawdude | 1 July 2019

From all the fetid hot air, methinks.

Uncle Paul | 6 July 2019

Intersting that while California is one of the most forward thinkers and doers to fight man caused climate change, the air is LA is currently much dirtier than in years past.

What is going on?

SCCRENDO | 6 July 2019

Los Angeles air has improved but still has significant issues because of climate change and geography. When you live in a popular place where people want to live you have to deal with the pollution from too many people and the challenges of addressing climate change. I hope that answers you question Uncle

Xerogas | 6 July 2019

@Uncle Paul: "Intersting that while California is one of the most forward thinkers and doers to fight man caused climate change, the air is LA is currently much dirtier than in years past.

What is going on?"
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume it’s all that “clean diesel” that VW has been lying about for decades

Tesla-David | 6 July 2019

I found this video entitled: "Can buying an electric car help defund terrorism?" extremely compelling from someone, who is a gun enthusiast, but who also thinks it is unpatriotic to be anti Tesla. His 21 minute video is worth watching and he makes the case for Tesla better than anyone I have heard recently.

"Electric cars represent a meaningful step forward in reducing carbon emissions. However, is there something else major about electric vehicles, like those from Tesla, that many Americans might overlook? This July 4th, it's worth taking time to reflect on something of critical importance to our country: electric cars and national security."

Seanderson | 7 July 2019

jimglas | July 1, 2019

but trump digs coal ......

Yeah. Let him keep digging coal until he gets Black Lung or the mine collapses on his bloviated buns. In any event, he will not be around to see the world either going completely sustainable energy along with EVs or the Rightwing of America and the world watch their climate-change-be-damned policies literally go up in flames and floods.

teslu3 | 8 July 2019

Oy, "clean diesel". This morning a tanker truck indicated its contents: "clean methane". "Clean" in this sense implies no (or reduced) particulate and VOC byproducts of burning.
"Clean" fossil fuels still produce copious CO2, contributing to the increasingly adverse effects of climate change. Methane leaks are far worse than CO2. "Clean" fossil fuels are still a problem. Tesla's mission is for a much better future: sustainable energy. EVs using renewable energy isn't perfect but is far better than using fossil fuels.

andy.connor.e | 8 July 2019

Saying "clean fossil fuels" is about as accurate as green colors/labels on food products indicates its "natural".