Damage to steering rack

Damage to steering rack

2015 S85D here.

A short while ago I posted about my front motor throwing faults and disabling itself.

Took the car in for service on Monday Jul 1, I was OOT all that week and was hoping to pick the car up on Sat. Started working on the car on Wed. I got a notice on Thur that the motor was indeed bad and was replaced under warranty (whew!) but that the steering rack was damaged in the process of replacing the front motor. Ugh.

On Saturday when i was back in town they gave me loner and were very nice about the entire thing.

My question to the crowd is there anything I should be on the looking for w.r.t. this kind of repair?

The service advisor said that it's very easy to damage it during this repair..something about how from underneath it's easy to move the rack farther than it should be moved (to get the motor replaced) and you don't notice you've messed things up until you go to drive the car.

Sadly, it's not easy to find a new rack it seems...of course not in stock. They are going to scour other service centers to try to get one ASAP.

Not happy to have this happen but the loaner (2018 S75D) will tide me over.

rxlawdude | 7 July 2019

I hope they find you a nice rack.


trevor58 | 7 July 2019

Nicely done!

Silver2K | 4 November 2019

I have too pay for a new rack out of pocket. They found a new one pretty quick!

$3800 installed

Sailfast | 5 November 2019

@ Silver, was that done at a service center or by a ranger?

Silver2K | 5 November 2019